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Mar 11, 2013 05:53 PM

Where is the best breakfast and ethnic/vegetarian food in Charleston SC?

Please help us 'hounds find the goods in Charleston! We'll be there this upcoming weekend and are both pure veg (not vegan tho) we'd love to know your rec's for:

1.Best Asian (Thai,Vietnamese,Korean)
2.Best breakfast
3.Best Pizza
4.Best place for gluten free peeps.
5.Best Mexican
6.Best desserts
7.Best general vegetarian

Thank you so much friends!

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  1. This is tough, not usually the questions we get.I'll just speak about what I know.

    As for pizza, don't miss EVO up around Park Circle.

    For breakfast I like Sea Bisquit on IOP and the Marina Variety Store, at,well the city marina.

    My vegan daughter loves Mama Kims (korean),Five loaves Cafe and the Daly Dose that I hear is now closed.

    I have to ask.Are gluten free peeps some version of those pastel colored marshmellow chicks that are sold everywhere around Easter,probably not!

    1. I can only help with 3. EVO (fancy pizza) and Andolini's (traditional pizza)
      6. McCrady's (fancy pastry chef desserts) or Haagen Dazs or Cupcake
      7. My veg friend loves FIG and McCrady's. Neither are vegetarian restaruants, they are high-end places that do great things w/ vegetables.

      1. 1. Basil-either location. Charleston is not known for great ethnic food.

        2. Sea Biscuit. Saffron's is ok.

        3. EVO, as mentioned.

        4. Santi's. See #1.

        5. Page's Okra Grill has great desserts in addition to the previous recs.

        6. You can get vegetarian in any of the nicer places. Just ask the wait staff what s/he can do fo you.

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        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          Charleston has some pretty decent ethnic food (on a small scale) if you venture out a bit.

          Basil is ok, but we would prefer Taste of Thai given the choice. Either way, it's a close call.

          Santi's totally sucks in our opinion. La Nortena in North Charleston is the absolute best Mexican we've had in Charleston. It's the best Mex I've ever had and my wife says it's the best she's had since her last visit to San Diego.

          For pizza we have not found any that can stand up to Mia Pomodori. GREAT!!!

          Dessert go to Kaminsky's, but be prepared to wait. Someone here said Hank's Seafood was worth a trip just for dessert.

          Best Chinese is Riso Noodle House on Sam Rittenburg. They have the regular Chinese items you see everywhere, but they also have a separate "Authentic Chinese" menu...and a sit down dining room! LoL It's our favorite place to go spend $25 for two people and be able to take enough leftovers home for another meal for two.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Veg breakfast/lunch - Caviar and Bananas, Xiao Bisciut, Five Loaves, Verde

            Sunday Brunch - Hall's. The desserts are great too. Carmel Cake is amazing

            Vegetarian - MacIntosh veg plate, SNOB veg plate

            Pizza - Monza, EVO

            Desserts - *McCrady's - order all of them. The pastry chef is getting global attention. Out of the box, not typical desserts
            *Cristophe for good sweet treats
            *Glazed - good donuts