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Mar 11, 2013 05:39 PM

Four People, Two Choices

Four of us are going to dinner toward the end of the month. We keep going back and forth about which would be the better meal, and bang for the buck. They're very different, which I guess is part of the problem. So, which would you choose: Fork or Il Pittore?

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  1. After reading Craig LaBan's recent review of FORK, and their Peking duck dinner, I can't wait to go (have a res in a couple of weeks). Another board member was just there and said he was impressed.

    1. I have not been to Fork since the new chef arrived. However, while I have enjoyed my dining experiences at Il Pittore, the one thing I will say is that it is not cheap, especially if you are ordering wine in addition to dinner.

      1. I just went to Fork on Sunday for the first time since they changed chefs and I found it to be the best meal I've had in the city outside of Bibou and Vetri. It's not cheap by this city's standards, but the menu has a lot of options in terms of how to navigate it and the wine list is very reasonable. The service there was also extremely polished. I am excited to go back to try the duck. I found it to be in a different class than Il Pittore, not that Il Pittore is a bad choice.

        Highlights of our meal - charred octopus, burnt grains, squid ink bread (amuse plate), pappardelle, smoked pumpkin tortelloni and the roasted skate.

        1. A follow-up. When the dust settled, we decided to go to Il Pittore. Not one of us was disappointed with the choice. The meal, though pricey was fantastic.

          We each got an app, pasta and secondi, and while we were all stuffed, went ahead and had dessert too. (Hey, it was my birthday; had to splurge.) Virtually everyone ordered something different so we really were able to sample the menu. Everything was delicious but for me, the octopus, saffron pasta and the lamb chops were the clear winners.

          Again, they're not giving it away but the portions were right-sized and the service was spot on. Even the sommelier was great. We told him that we did not have especially educated palettes and so he picked out a lower-end red that we all enjoyed.

          Still planning on getting to Fork but was very happy with our entire experience.