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Mar 11, 2013 04:50 PM

Cantonese or Chui Chow

I will be visiting Hong Kong for the second time in April, and am looking forward to several dim sum lunches (Fook Lam Moon, Sun Tung Lok, Man Wah, Lung King Heen, or others?). For dinner, at least one meal will be Cantonese (Ming Court, The Chairman or Above and Beyond, the latter since we're staying at the Icon) and one will be Sichuan by request of my partner (San Xi Lou looks nice). For our third meal, should we try Chui Chow cuisine for something different and interesting (we did not experience this the last time we were in town) or will we miss a more "world class" opportunity by foregoing Cantonese? We are pretty adventuresome eaters, so we're always up for new experiences. All assistance is appreciated.

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  1. Go to 'Hong Kong Cuisine aka 1983 in Cantonese' and kill a few birds with one stone!!

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      Agreed. Given the choice, I'd stick to Cantonese whilst in HK. Proper/authentic Chiuchow cuisine (not the Canto-Chiuchow version widely available in HK) can only be had in Swatow (Shantou) back in China - even the ingredients there tasted different, let alone cooking techniques.