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Mar 11, 2013 04:45 PM

Florence/Rome Trip Report

Thanks to all who got back to me on this itinerary thread I posted: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/884670 and also to Katie Parla and Elizabeth Minchilli for their incredibly helpful apps. Here are our favorites:


Fratellini & Da Vinatierri -- great sandwiches on the go.
Obika -- last minute decision our first groggy night there. Perfect because we didn't want a whole meal and so the meat and cheese boards were great
Sostanza -- I absolutely loved that steak. We were seated in the back and pretty much ignored each other and watched them grill those things the whole evening :



All'Oro: We had a reservation at 9 on a tuesday and it was very slow -- were were only one of three tables at their new location. I was nervous but they treated us exceptionally well and the food was great. We did the chef's choice 4 course. With "gifts" it was more like 6 and everything was great -- a favorite was the carbonara sauce served in an eggshell. Wonderful quail.

La Gatta Mangiola: My pizza loving husband was very happy. The special pizza was much better than the plainer one we ordered from the regular menu so my advice would be to order the more elaborate ones.

Pizzarium: More great pizza. I never thought I'd have happy memories of cabbage pizza, but I do now.

Nonna Petta: Decent Cacio e Pepe but very good Jewish-style artichokes (which were in season when we were there).

La Gensola: Probably the warmest service we had in Rome. Very cozy and friendly. Delicious crudo appetizer and swordfish special.

Roscioli: Perfect lunch! Wonderful wine selections, spaghetti carbonara, and Burrata. Also a good place to get goodies to bring home from their attached store.

Ugh, I miss it already :)

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  1. Thanks so much for reporting back in, and very happy to hear your positive report. I haven't eaten at the newly located All'Oro yet, so interesting to hear your take on it. The dining room seems a bit cold and stiff to me. But maybe I'm just used to their old spot, which was on the cozy side.