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Mar 11, 2013 03:22 PM

Lunch in Padova?

It's last minute, I know, but a couple of friends and I are taking the train to Padova tomorrow to see the Bembo show. Any suggestions for local fare near Piazza delle Erbe? Many thanks.

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  1. If it's still there, we liked the BREK cafeteria because we could see what we were getting. Found them all over Italy. Food was fine. While in Padua, do stop by the University to see the world's first surgical amphitheater. Autopsies were illegal so for the medical students' education they had to do them secretly in the middle of the night.

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      Thank you, but we were looking for local food, not a national chain (seeing first is not a necessity). We wound up at Osteria dal Capo, near Piazza della Signoria, from the Gambero Rosso guide. It was only a block or so from the show we were seeing to which we wanted to return after lunch. The logistics were perfect and the food and ambience not bad, not great, but local and convenient -- all we needed in the circs. BTW the show, about Pietro Bembo, was well worth the day trip from Rome.

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        The place looks interesting in the GR. What did you eat and what did you drink? The wine list seems very good.

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          It wasn't as interesting as it sounded in GR and we just drank house wine. We arrived quite late and were returning to the show, so this wasn't the moment to go all out.

          I had a tasty faraona in carpione antipasto -- large shreds of meat surrounded by nice succulent small leaves whose name escapes me (I want to say soncino but it wasn't; prob a kind of radicchio) followed by a sort of gloppy but pleasant little square of lasagne with sausage and cabbage and rather a lot of bechamel. One of the friends had a tortino di finocchio e parmigiano that she thought was pretty bad, followed by cubes of fegato alla veneziana she liked very much. The other friend had agretti with quail eggs to start, which didn't appeal to me but she was happy, followed by bigoli, which I didn't taste but which left her indifferent, with radicchio and chicken livers. Dessert was a homemade apple cake -- what is the opposite of raffinata? But I thought it wasn't bad. As I said, in the circs it was fine, but I wouldn't call it a destination.

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            Last week in Padua, eat very well in Vecchio Falconiere - really good regional food, very popular with locals and the staff very helpful. Nearby, also on Via Umberto I is Antonio Ferrari wine bar - menu a bit limited although quality is high (baccalĂ  was the only hot dish) but good wine list by the glass. On Prato della Valle, Trattoria al Prato serves a good lunch, including impeccable raw fish (crudo).

    2. Sant' Agnese Ristorante, for the best in fish and shellfish in Padova.