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Mar 11, 2013 02:33 PM

Get Your Rabbit Fix At Pan Pan Xiang (or is it Pen Pen Xiang) in Monterey Park

Thanks to TonyC for pointing out that 100 Dumpling House has turned into Pan Pan Xiang (if you believe the exterior signage) or Pen Pen Xiang if you read their menu. The third time was the charm as the first two times I went by they hadn't opened up yet. Not sure how to classify this as there are definite signs of Shanghai food (XLB, rice cakes, fish in wine sauce, onion pancakes) but also beef rolls, lamb and cumin dishes, and hot pots. There's a rabbit meat hot pot as well as diced rabbit in chili sauce. Also hints of Taiwanese fare. Pan Pan Xiang is at 331 W. Garvey, #D (in the rear). They seem lonely back there and seem like very nice people.

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  1. Would love to hear from anyone who's been there. Have an actual Rabbit fix to accommodate on or about the 25th of March and have been trying to avoid the more obvious choices for the pre-Easter "Lapin"...
    This sounds great!

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      I think it's awesome you're having rabbit (or um "Lapin") for Easter.

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        I'll let somebody else be the guinea pig. I had the fish, which was very good. And congrats to Ipse for having his thread on the Manhattan board locked.