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Mar 11, 2013 02:21 PM

Recommendations for fun izakayas in Ebisu?

looking for local casual fun places with good food and charming ambiance. Nothing touristy. thanks!

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  1. Assuming you mean "foreign tourists", that's not really a big concern in Ebisu. Recommend searching on and elsewhere on this board and then coming back with specific questions on specific places. Would help to know what you mean by "fun".

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    1. re: kamiosaki

      fun = Amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable. In other words, lively, lighthearted, smile-inducing, joyous.

      A place where the beer flows like the majestic Hannoki and the food makes you cry "Oishi!".

      1. re: sdiddy

        You've just described a foreign tourist trap. Ha ha!

        That said, Ebisudou will tick all of the boxes for you. Lively, friendly and good cheap food & drinks. Make sure to order the aburi shime saba (grilled mackerel) - it involves customer participation.