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Mar 11, 2013 01:04 PM

Torishige - Shibuya(Tokyo) Yakitori contact info?

We read a review of a yakitori place (link above) we wanted to try, but it was a little confusing to find the contact info. Not sure if there is more than one place called Torishage or it moved. The blogger on the link didn't reply to the question. Thanks for any help.

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      1. In the review you posted, the blogger says that they aren't a yakitori restaurant. (he also says they're in shinjuku.)

        there's also a torishige in shibuya, with different kanji, that does serve yakitori.

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          The Torishige posted is technically in Shibuya Ward due to their address, although they are located almost next to Shinjuku station.

        2. That review on eataku looks pretty darn good, let us know how it is if you make it.