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Mar 11, 2013 12:05 PM

Dean's Seafood Grill in Cary, NC?

looking for a place to celebtrate a bonus and thought it looked good. Location seems to have gone through a few restaurants, though. Bad karma....

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  1. The last incarnation was with the same restaurant group though.
    The menu looks good and this restaurant group generally does a good job. A few weeks ago I think they had oysters from the Rappahannok River Oyster company!

    1. My mom and family and I ate there last week. I *believe* it was last Wednesday night and oysters (steamed or raw) were $0.50 each, so we had a slew of oysters for app's and then also had dinner. Everyone's meal was really tasty and the place was completely packed, so I imagine they are doing pretty well.

      I'd definitely go back. Call and check which night is the oyster special if that is something you enjoy!