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Mar 11, 2013 11:51 AM

What's up with Central NJ pizzerias not offering Swiss cheese?

I don't recall ever having a problem ordering a sub with Swiss at pizzerias until moving to Central NJ. It's hit or miss as to whether they have it. I went to Deninos in Aberdeen on Saturday, which seems to have a good reputation and deep roots going back to Staten Island, and had to settle for provolone. Is Swiss really that esoteric nowadays?

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  1. Pretty funny after reading the title I was ready to respond "I don't know anywhere that swiss is offered as an option on pizza".

    However after reading the body of your thread I can say I have witnessed the same thing. Mostly at pizzeria's as you point out most sub shops i.e. Jersey Mikes does offer swiss. Don't know the reason behind it except for provolone and mozzarella are the primary cheeses associated with Italy.

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      I guess it could be a turn-over thing too.. why have the block of swiss sitting there forever if your going to throw it out.

      I usually stay pretty far away from pizzeria cold cuts though. Don't know what brand they are using, and if its any good. I guess I'm a cold cut snob though. Even more so now that we are trying to eat healthy.

      1. re: coldsolderjoint

        Ok then since you are a self described cold cut snob, please share with us your preferred cold cut brand. I myself prefer Dietz and Watson. BJ's Wholesale seems to have the consistently best pricing for Dietz and Watson.

        1. re: jrvedivici

          I actually like boars head the best. Although, tailercios homemade roast beef is way better than boars head and less salty.

          I get turned off by the places that use the "no-name" brand stuff. Like the cheapest stuff you can buy at restaurant depot.

          There's a place by my house that serves a giant sub with no taste. If there was no vinegar on the sandwich, it would literally taste like nothing.. idk.. I've worked in restaurants, but never owned or managed one.. but when the establishment seems to have no pride in their core product?

          Seems like the few (now defunct) cheese steak places trying to make it on frozen "Steak-um" style meat as their main product even when you can get that at just about ANY pizzeria in NJ.

          1. re: coldsolderjoint

            Can't argue with Boars Head I put it up there with Dietz, Dietz seems to have a wider variety in my opinion.

            Thuman's doesn't do anything for me as well as some of the other brands like Wesley etc.

      2. re: jrvedivici

        Same! My response was going to be "They don't offer Swiss on pizza because that is unholy."

        But I don't really get sandwiches at pizzerias when I'm home - too many good delis around.

      3. For a sub, go across the street to D.A. Subs instead.

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        1. re: eleeper

          +1 for D.A. subs.

          I would have use to say Demarco's as well in that area but the last time I was there I was very disappointed in the sub I received there.

          1. re: jrvedivici

            Make that +2 for D.A. subs. I tried Demarco's once for a sub. Never again. Jersey Mike's on Union Hill Rd. makes good subs too.

        2. Pizza shops carry what they can turnover quickly. That usually leaves out lots of different items, including cheese types. There are too many speciality delis and subs shops for the pizza joints to realistically try to push in on that market.

          Very often though you can get a lot of the good pizza shop owners and workers to let you know who makes the best sandwiches in the area. You'll have to weed out the friend bias recommendations, but that's easy if you ask multiple people and notice the common/trend names.

          1. Yeah, it's usually better to get a hero at a deli rather than a Pizza parlor.

            I think Thumann's blows away Boar's Head. But you need to watch out. Often, the name brand is displayed in the case, but when they make the sandwich they use an "off brand", hoping you won't notice. So pay attention.

            1. This topic reminds me of the time when then Senator John Kerry was on a campaign stop in South Philly and he tried to order Swiss cheese on a cheese steak from Pats King of Steaks and they almost threw him out.