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Mar 11, 2013 11:46 AM

How's Our Itinerary?

Only in Paris for a short time so we're admittedly trying to fit in a lot of eating. Also trying to get a good mix of old and new. Here is our itinerary so far. Would appreciate any thoughts.

Friday Lunch: We'll be tired and famished so looking for something casual and quick (ALC). We're staying in the 2nd at La Maison Favart. Was thinking Paul Bert but reviews here are pretty eh and it may be too much to handle with jet lag. Any ideas?

Friday Dinner: Spring reserved

Saturday Lunch: Pre Fix at Sola

Saturday Dinner: Late meal at Chez L'Ami Jean

Sunday Dinner: Dans Les Landes reserved

Monday Lunch: Vivant Table (is ALC available or only pre fix?) reserved

Monday Dinner: Late meal at Josephine Chez DuMont

Our flight leaves around 5:30pm on Tuesday, would we have enough time for a 12:30pm lunch at Septime?


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  1. Looks darn good to me
    What not 6 Paul Bert the first jetlagged day?

    1. I've not yet been to Paris but have an upcoming trip myself (mar 24-31). I've done a lot of research and have read good things about many of the places you've listed, so from my second hand point of view...good choices!