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Mar 11, 2013 11:22 AM

Portuguese Restaurant for 60th!

Hey Hounds - I'm on the hunt for the best "sit down" restaurant options to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday - keep in mind, that this is mom, so it'll be hard to impress or compete with her cooking! Haha...Looking in the Burlington-Mississauga area, but would venture out further if there are "must try" places. We've exhausted all of the Hamilton spots (Orchid, Ventura's, Conquistador, etc...) and need to venture East (or West) in hopes of finding something new.


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  1. I think that Chiado is the best Portuguese in the GTA but it is located in Toronto. I'm not sure how far you're willing to trek but it might be worth considering.

    1. Chiado for well-cooked, "exotic" fish (skate, monk etc.).

      Definitely the right kind of environment for a mom's 60th too.

      1. What timing! My dad is also celebrating his 60th soon and we are out of ideas for where to go. If I let my parents decide, we will end up at Mandarin. LOL

        I know they would not enjoy Chiado...

        Maybe Quinta on Dundas?

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        1. re: dmartins123

          The picture of the pork & clams looks tasty!!

          Definitely not as "fine dining" as Chiado but... that's not necessarily a bad thing.

          1. re: mnajji

            Regrettably, the pictures on the Quinta site bear no resemblance to what's on the plate. I referenced this blog in my comments on the 'Quinta' thread


            If travelling to Toronto, then I agree with the Chiado recommendations (I find their 'modern' dishes better than the 'traditional').

          1. re: Bobby Wham

            Haha, maybe it was just because I was there for Winterlicious - but the dishes took quite a while to bring out and did not FEEL like they were just sitting in prep waiting to be ordered - but I didn't think it was THAT special. I don't know if I would do it at full price.

            That quinta place really looks interesting. Will definitely be eating there within the next two months (provided I can steer the friends away from Grand Electric or Ramen... or whatever else is trendy).

          2. While I echo all the accolades for Chiado (it still is one of my favorite restaurants in Toronto) , especially considering you are commuting from Burlington. Chiado is special.

            However, I wouldn't rule out Adega (Elm/Bay) and Lisbon By Night (Dundas/Bathurst).

            Depending on the night of the week, Chiado could be more on the stiff and business-account-crowd end of things, despite the helpful and friendly service.

            Adega caters more to the tourists and mature crowd, but nevertheless delivers delicious food and outstanding service. If you inform them of the special occasion ahead of time, I am sure they will accomodate to your every needs and beyond.

            Lisbon by Night is fun. They have live shows on friday/weekends. The atmosphere is lively and the seafood is fresh and done very well.

            Quinta is more intimate and quiet. I think the food is solid and service above and beyond, but it is probably not a place I'd bring my mom for her 60th.