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Mar 11, 2013 11:12 AM

Herbsaint or GW Fin?

We'll be in NO next week and need some help, please, choosing a restaurant for a quiet, celebratory dinner. I watched the video on the GW Fin site and it described the tables as having "ample space" between them to permit quiet conversation, but the restaurant seemed pretty lively in the video. Is it quiet? What is the noise level at Herbsaint? Also, Herbsaint does not post its wine list. Are there some modestly priced wines at Herbsaint? (We almost went thirsty at Stella! last trip.)

Previous postings have been ever so helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. GW Fins has a slightly elevated level with booths. The booths are more quiet and private than the tables below, and if you want a more quiet space for conversation, I'd request a booth. I like the booths for that reason, and also because I enjoy having a "catbird" seat where you can see all the activity on the main floor.

    Having said that, the main floor, while more lively, is not really a noisy din, and if you sit there you will be able to talk without shouting.

    I'd likewise describe the noise level at Herbsaint as moderate at most, and (although your estimation may be different than mine) my memory of Herbsaint's wine list is that it has a decent range of options that won't break the bank.

    Enjoy your visit!

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      Those upper level booths at GW Fins look nice, but beware the thrumming bass vibrations from the club next door. I had to move, as the whole seat, table, etc were buzzing. Sort of felt like being on a train.

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        On the occasions I have been there, we've had reservations not later than 7:30, so perhaps the neighboring club does not get into full gear until after we've departed. Those upper booths have always worked fine for us to converse without raising our voices at all.

    2. my SO were at GW's with her mother, it was loud. we had a middle tier booth - neither on the floor nor against the wall, and it was pretty loud.

      1. Of the two, Herbsaint is quieter. I really like GWF but the big open room with harder surfaces does not make it quiet. The back room at Herbsaint is a bit more intimate.

        1. Well, I loudly and often tout Herbsaint as my favorite New Orleans restaurant. I go there for dinner 2-3 times a month and also stage private dinners there for large tables. It has never, ever failed to deliver the goods in terms of food and service. Some have commented that it can get noisy, guess I never noticed since I am always in the throes of having such a great time! The wine list has a good, varied selection, and thought there are triple-digit wines (particularly strong in the red burgundy area), there are many fun wines to be had between 35-50. Ask Colin, Sean or Reno, whoever is working that night, for advice, they know their wine stuff. Have fun wherever you end up!

          1. Toss a coin. We usually make 2 rsv. when planning to dine at Fins, both at the same time. I call Fins after noon on the day of the rsv. to inquire about the menu since lit changes daily. Should the Scalibut not be available, I cancel and keep the other rsv. Depending upon the app selection, we make a tasting of 5or so and split the Scalibut. Less enticing apps, we order a couple plus 2 Scalibut. The Scalibut with lobster risotto is outstanding as are the cold smoked sizzling oysters. These are the " gold standard" for chargrilled . They arrive plump and juicy with a lovely smoke flavor, unlike the chargrilled elsewhere, that are grilled to death and dry. You are ordering these mostly to sop up the garlic butter sauce. The oysters are inconsequential. FWIW,. I always request a streetside window table. No difficulty with conversation due to noise.

            No Scalibut, keep the Herbsaint rsv. Most anything you order will satisfy. Enjoy!

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            1. re: JazzyB

              Hey jazzy, what is this Scalibut you speak of? I'm intrigued...

              1. re: sanglier

                "Scalibut" is halibut that is crusted on top with thin sliced scallops. Really delicious, although after tasting the crab dish that my wife ordered last time, I would have traded my scalibut. I think the whole menu is prepared at a very high level, with very imaginative preparations.

                  1. re: Gizmo56

                    I stared at that photo so long it could've passed for a "trance" upgrade. Good heavens! That looks fantastic, and most original. GW Fins, here I come, sorry I've been away so long! Very kind of you to post, thanks gizmo.

                    1. re: sanglier

                      It's served with tomato and lobster risotto, sugar snap peas and lobster butter. Unfortunately, it is not always on the menu.

                      1. re: JazzyB

                        I like the "scalibut strategy" you described above. I might tweak it and call, say, on a Tuesday and see if they could tell me if in the next 3-4 days it will appear, and if so, when. Otherwise they might wonder why I've cancelled 6 consecutive times! Thanks for the tip.

                    2. re: Gizmo56

                      sanglier, GW Fins has today announced the beginning of "scalibut season."

                      1. re: Gizmo56

                        You are a wonderful co-'Hownder! Thanks for that info, I really appreciate it. On the list for next week's dining out choices.