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Thanks for a great 6+ years, everyone!

Dear Chowhound Community,

A quick note to let you all know that I've accepted another job offer and my last day at CHOW is this Wednesday, March 13. I wanted to announce it publicly because I hate it when familiar names stop posting, and wanted everyone to know the reason you're not hearing from me anymore with release notes.

These past 6+ years of working on the CHOW/Chowhound site have been incredible for me. Seeing the dedication and passion of Chowhound users raises the bar for any future community I may work with, and I've learned a lot from you all beyond simply where to get the best xiao long bao in San Francisco (though there is nothing simple about that).

The rest of the team you know and love--Jacquilynne, DaveMP, meshane, and DeborahL--will all still be here. As always, they will be working to make Chowhound strong.

I won't be leaving the forums, just not working here anymore, so I hope our paths cross again very soon.

Thank you all,

Meredith Arthur

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  1. Thanks for letting us know - it is disconcerting when a "voice" falls silent.

    Best of luck in your new ventures!

          1. Thanks for all your contributions. Go forth and conquer!

              1. Greetings and salutations, Meredith. Wishing you the Very Best.

                1. Congratulations Meredith! Wishing you continued success as you embark on this new phase in your career.

                  1. thanks for all your hard work and good luck at the new job!
                    see you around1

                    1. Stay out of mischief Miss Meredith!

                      1. Good luck in your new ventures, Meredith! Thanks for being patient with us when Chow made changes and we all went on the warpath. ;-)

                        1. Good luck with the new job!

                          See you on the boards!


                          1. Happy trails to you, Meredith and thanks for everything!

                            1. Best of success in all you do!

                              1. Our lives are paths. Sometimes they line up next to others, sometimes they merely cross, and sometimes they diverge. Here's to you finding the proper one for you - perhaps it may cross ours again. Nonetheless, thank you for the work you've done for this collection of food geeks and good luck where ever life leads you.