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Mar 11, 2013 10:45 AM

Suggestions for light appetizers to enjoy in the hotel suite

My friends and I be throwing a bridal shower in the suite of our hotel room for about 20 people. We will be serving alcohol (in abundance) and wanted to also have food. Any suggestions on where we can purchase delicious, light appetizers? Sushi, empanadas, sandwiches, any of it can work (all the above were examples chosen at random). We will have a car so can pick up at a restaurant if needed.

Any cuisine works, brownie points if it's pretty. Desserts would be great too!

Thanks for any help!

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  1. You should contact the concierge of your hotel since perhaps one of the restaurants of the hotel can arrange something nice for you.

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      Thank you, that is a good idea. However, we are trying to keep costs down, so hoping that we'd get some good tips on a local restaurant/store so we can do it without a hotel premium.

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        +1 to this idea, as hotel staff would also be happy to take away refuse from the suite (ie, leave food cart/empty trays outside) rather than having to overburden the tiny trash cans one finds in hotel suites.

        Particularly as you're thinking sushi/other perishables, you may want to at least peruse the room service menu.They're accustomed to catering to parties, casual to dressy, large and small.

      2. You might consider the Whole Foods on Las Vegas Blvd. I have catered sushi and other items from WF in the past and find it to be pretty solid, and more reasonably priced than the room service alternative.

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          That was my thought, too. There is also a Costco at 801 South Pavilion Center Drive. right off of Charleston. Even cheaper than Whole Foods.

        2. If I may suggest something a little silly for part of it if people are from anywhere back east: Shortly before the shower, swing by In-N-Out Burger, order a mess of Double-Doubles Animal Style, then cut them into hors d'oeuvre-sized portions, secured with frilly picks purchased from a regular grocery store.

          1. Any opinions on the party trays from Firefly?
            Platters from
            Rincon de Buenos Aires on Spring Mountain?
            Roly's Bakery finger foods?

            I think that Whole Foods would be a good fallback, but would love to experience some of the local eateries.

            The In n Out idea sounds fun. I think most of the people have access to it (but as someone originally from CA and now in a state with no In n Out), but for the ones who don't, it would be a good treat.

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              I've never had the party platters at Firefly, but the food is generally solid, and given that it is tapas, I think would be a good choice. Not familiar with Roly's and haven't had trays from Rincon de Buenos Aires.....

            2. And thank you all for the tips!