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Mar 11, 2013 10:30 AM

Pranzi, White Plains - a surprised thumbs-up

I'm a pretty decent and very keen cook, and in particular I'm reluctant to go out for Italian food as I often think, "bah, I could have made that myself." But I bought the Groupon for Pranzi a while back, and having used it on Saturday night, I'm really glad I did.

The space itself was weirdly cramped and the acoustics were awful. But the service was great and we really enjoyed the food & good wines by the glass, so those first two things didn't matter as much as they could have.

The bread they brought to the table was fresh and delicious - way better than the stale yet oily hunks at Tarry Lodge. (One had a cherry tomato hidden in the middle; delicious.) The whipped ricotta and eggplant caponata (forgive me if that's the wrong word...) were delicious.

My carpaccio appetizer was probably the least-good part of the meal. It was a little bland; the olive oil drizzled on top didn't have much flavor, and it could have used a little scatter of salt. Husband's arancini were a hit with him; I'm not crazy about fried stuff so I let him be the judge.

I had the pappardelle with Sunday sauce - a rich, meaty sauce with soft strings of short rib and a huge umami smack. The pappardelle was delicious and perfectly al dente, although they'd all clumped together and I ended up with a kind of kugel in the end...

Husband's fusilli ala nonna came with softball-size meatballs and plump, fennelly sausage. We both managed to eat about a quarter of our portions, and we enjoyed them just as much the day after, reheated!

We were so stuffed we didn't do dessert much justice; we enjoyed the gelato we shared, but wish we'd left room to try something a bit more substantial.

I'm not totally raving about the place and insisting that everyone goes RIGHT NOW, but I've seen very little about it on these boards, and for a really useful, central location, I'd say it's worth a try. Someone on another thread did say it seemed quite expensive, and the Groupon was definitely a good deal. But with some smart ordering (the pasta dishes can totally be shared, comfortably), I think you could get a good deal. Color me very pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Love Pranzi. I've on,y been for lunch but the food was very good. And that Nutella pizza......

    1. Agree with everything you say, but without the Groupon the experience wouldn't justify the price.

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      1. re: addictedtolunch

        It was pricey. Fortunately, I never had to pay myself - my boss always took me!!

      2. Good to know. We've been meaning to try it, but the few times we were slated to go, we had to cancel either b/c of the weather, sick kids, etc...

        1. I really like Pranzi. They're consistently good and the staff is always so nice.