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Kosher Wines at Trader Joe's

Has anyone tried the kosher brands at Trader Joes? Banero Prosecco, Sara Bee Moscato or the Terrenal wines? I would be interested in hearing your reactions to them. The wines are amazingly affordable - and rated a "Best Buy " by the Wine Enthusiast. However I would be interest in "lay opinions" about them.

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  1. The Sara Bee is a perfectly good Moscato. A little less sweet than the Bartenura, very refreshing.

    The Terrenals are fine to cook with, and drinkable, but not fantastic. They definitely need to breathe a bit before consuming them.

    1. I agree with masteraleph. The Terranals are better for cooking. I plan to use the Sara Bee at the Seder because it is lower alcohol.

      1. Sara Bee- strange name but good wine. Terrenal Chardonnay- quality cheap Chard. Both worth stocking up on for Pesach. Was not a fan of the Malbec. But the ones I mentioned, absolutely dirt-cheap and equals to far more pricey competition.

        1. I am not allowed to put my blog on CHOW - but on my blog kosherwinemusings I have rated and tasted all the Trader Joe kosher wines.

          Sara Bee - nice kosher moscato - B++
          Terrenal Malbec has fallen hard recently - bummer
          Terrenal Cab is nice (NOT MEVUSHAL) as it is from Spain
          Terrenal Terrenal (also not mevushal) is not as fun
          Banero Prosecco - is great for where it is available
          2011 Terrenal Chardonnay - a great mevushal unoaked Chardonnay!

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            That KWM. I have read your blog before. Your input is always appreciated. I will read it again.

          2. Funny thing is that I am embarassed to bring "five buck Feivel" as a gift because it's so cheap. Our Tj's also sells the Herzog Old Lodi something or other. It's all dry red wine to me. (not my taste.)

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              The Herzog Cab or Merlot or Zinfandel that is sold at TJ is far less enjoyable than the Terrenal Cab - when available. IMHO.

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                If you want to look generous bring some of each of the different wines. There's a You tube video where some guy makes the same complaint. . . How can kosher wine be this cheap? How can I bring this as a gift. ? LOL

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                  Those guys are hilarious! A bit too crazy for me - but funny. Indeed the wine may be inexpensive - but it is not cheap wine at all. Finally, if you MUST buy an expensive wine - stick with Dalton, Recanati, Teperberg Terra or reserve and Netofa. If you want America, most of the Weinstock cellar select are nice. In France - ONLY buy Vignobles David Le Mourre de L’Isle Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone Villages Reserve. For Australia - skip. For New Zealand go with 2011 or 2012 vinatges ONLY of Goose Bay (skip Pinot Noir).

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                    Thanks for the tips. This will make me look like a thoughtful and knowledgable guest. (giggle)

                    Well, thoughtful anyway...

              2. I finally got down to Union Square and bought the prosecco and the malbec. I tried the prosecco this friday night and it is absolutely lovely. Is it as good as a $70 bottle? Probably not. (It's been a while.) But it was pleasantly dry, refreshing and very very drinkable. A bargain at twice the price.

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                  The Prosecco is always a good bet - not too sweet and solid. The 2012 Malbec is not what it used to be - showing far more floral and earthy notes, and far less complexity than previously. The new boy on the block - the 2012 Tempranillo from Spain is a SURE FIRE winner. Drink it now. It is solid and very enjoyable. The new 2012 Cab is OK, but not as good as the Tempranillo and the tannins on the Tempranillo really add weight and the acidity makes it work really well for rich pastas and even BBQ.

                2. The Sara Bee is quite decent and really affordable--great for mixed drinks, like punch or mimosas where it would be a waste to use a more expensive bottle. Just don't let your kids taste it!

                  1. Currently out on the West Coast, in an area not known for its observant community (Santa Barbara). TJ's has two sets of kosher wines- Baron Herzog, which is essentially a local winery, and the Terrenals (they also have the Sara Bee moscato). Currently they have 3 Terrenals: a Malbec, a Tempranillo, and a Cab. The Malbec is decent and somewhat fruity, though it definitely needs to breathe for a while. Wonderful as a cooking wine, too (it went in a mushroom bourguignon last night). Hopefully we'll try the Cab and the Tempranillo at some point.

                    1. Had the 2013 Chard, Kosher for Passover. Very,very. nice..and quite surprising because of the reasonable price. Also had the Malbec, Kosher for Passover. It was harsh. I would not recommend it.

                      1. I adore Sara Bee Moscato--but it's a devil to open the bottle! Terrible design that adds a big lip that resists a cork's, uh, teeth. I now take mine back to TJ's and ask them to open them. Last time, it took three employees to unleash the goodies. ("Bad design," grumbled the wine guy.) Nevertheless, I particularly love this slightly frizzante wine with (don't groan) Diet 7-Up. Cuts the calories, adds the drinking time, and it's delightful on a warm day.