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Mar 11, 2013 09:44 AM

Italian beef sandwich at Red Apron Butcher

Anyone tried it yet? I have yet to have a decent one near DC and my expectations are pretty low.

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  1. I have heard good things - Went by on Saturday but they weren't open yet....

    1. I don't know how to compare, except to a New Orleans roast beef po-boy, but I really liked it. Juicy and drippy. Very satisfying. It was a madhouse when we were there, and just about every other sandwich being served was Italian beef.

      1. I hit Red Apron yesterday. Had seen the menu so I targeted the Muffaletta.

        It's not a traditional muff -- it's served on focaccia, and includes mustard -- and it's not huge, but it was very tasty. Looking forward to trying their other sandwiches.

        Have you tried the Italian beef sandwich from Windy City Red Hots? I'm far from an Italian beef expert, but I liked this sandwich a lot. Big and messy, like a good New Orleans roast beef po-boy.

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          Ashburn and Leesburg are a hike for me, but I've heard they're about as good as I'm likely to find around these parts. I wish they had a food truck that worked downtown.

          Speaking of po boys, Bayou in Foggy Bottom does a good one on Leidenheimer bread. Another non traditional one; closer to a fall-apart pot roast with rich gravy than thin sliced roast beef with debris, but still very tasty. And the bread is half the battle. Also, they mix a killer Hurricane.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            I need to get to Bayou! The roast beef po-boy at one of the best spots in NOLA, Parkway Bakery, is impossible to eat without a fork and about 100 napkins. It's an utter mess! Quite a contrast from the perfectly fried, greaseless seafood po-boys.

            I have no problem with nontraditional if it tastes good (which all chowhounds should agree with 8<D)!

            Back to Red Apron -- seems like their sandwich menu has been very well crafted. OK, now my mouth is watering again.

            1. re: Bob W

              Bayou Bakery in Courthouse makes an Arm Drip Sandwich, and it's sensational. The bread is top notch, one of the great sandwich breads I've ever had, and they pour a bowl of gravy in there. It actually maintains its structural integrity somehow. It is open at least until 8pm. It's more a cafe than a bakery.

              The 'muff' is not nearly as good, so don't be tempted.

              Ok, so this thread prompted me to visit Red Apron for the Italian Beef. The gardiniera on top is cold and its flavor dominates the sandwich. The beef is wet and tender, but not much flavor. The bread is chewy, but not flavorful, so I think it's not worth the $8.

              They have a butcher and deli counter, with fresh steaks, bacon, pates, and deli products, and and I am enjoying their veal rillettes at home.