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Mar 11, 2013 09:39 AM

Need some good recs near East 15th Street

Daughter just moved in NYC on East 15th Street - we are looking for general recommendations for all types of cuisines - all different price ranges - all different ambiances - we usually visit and take her out for dinner on Sunday nights - last couple of times we have been roaming thru the East Village - ate at Frankies, Barbone and Cafe Mogador.

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  1. Empellon Cocina
    Ramen Misoya
    Zabb Elee
    Momofuku Ssam Bar
    Momofuku Noodle Bar

    1. Redhead serves good southern inflected food at fair prices.

      Sao Mai has well made Vietnamese in a very attractive atmosphere.

      At the time we went back in September Sao Mai was BYO. That may have changed.

        1. Some additions, though closer to St Marks Place: Kamui Den, Ukrainian East Village (National Home), Grand Sichuan St Marks, Hot Kitchen, Soba Koh. What avenue(s) does your daughter live closest to?

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            She lives closer to third avenue - thanks!

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              You're going to find that most of the good stuff is south of 14th street. Gramercy doesn't have as many good eateries or bars, but it's very hard for most neighborhoods to compete with the EV (the area on the east side south of 14th street) on those points. I lived right on 14th street for over 30 years and I almost never went to Gramercy to eat or drink.

              Best chinese delivery for the area: Tasty King ($) and Grand Sichuan ($-$$). For chinese take out xian's is really good, but they don't deliver you have to go there to pick it up.

              Casual Dominican diner: Gena's Grill ($)

              Good, reasonable ramen that won't break the bank: Kambi ($-$$) House (great alternative to Ippudo$$). I'm also going to second Ippudo, but the lines can be long, the ramen a tad pricey (but worth it) and they don't take reservations. Village Yokocho ($-$$) is a good place for Yakitori, but there are other EV Izakayas which are said to be better but I've never been. Otafuku ($) for takoyaki and yakisoba.

              BaoHaus ($) is so so but not a bad place for a snack.

              Pomme Frites has got to be my favorite snack place of them all. Their fries and sauces are amazing and I've been gobbling them up since I was 12.

              Veselka ($-$$) is probably the best diner in the EV, and it also has some excellent borscht and other Ukranian delights. For cheap Ukie eats I'd recommend checking out Streecha($)- very cheap but excellent varenyky and holubtsi (pierogies and stuffed cabbage) but it's low key, no frills and served in a basement (it's a church eatery run by a small army of Babas). You may also want to try Stage Restaurant ($-$$), an very old school small diner that also serves Ukranian food, and across the street is B&H Diary ($-$$). B&H leans towards vegetarian/pescatarian, they make a good whitefish salad sandwich that pairs well with their borscht.

              Dieci ($$)for some interesting tapas/asian-fusion.

              Ess-A-Bagel ($) on 21st and 1st- best bagels in the area.

              Venieros ($) and blackhound bakery ($$) for sweets.

              Russo's ($) next door to Veniero's for fresh pasta and mozz (small grocery store selling Italian goods).

              Angelica's Kitchen ($-$$)and Beyond Sushi ($)for vegan and vegetarian food. Beyond sushi is a very affordable lunch spot: I recommend their "nutty buddy" summer roll and most of their sushi rolls.

              For Sushi: Yuba ($$) and Kanoyama ($$$)- the latter is fancier when you want that kind of ambiance but I've found the sushi at the former to be more consistent. Since your daughter is on 15th street I will give an honorable mention to The Loop ($$), they have some good creative sushi rolls there, but it's nowhere near traditional sushi- that being said, it doesn't mean it's not good.

              Pylos ($$$) for Greek, some of the best Greek food IMHO in the city.

              Panya is an interesting place to stop by for lunch, it's an Asian bakery but they also serve hot food.

              Podunk is a great little spot for tea and lunch. The owner has some rules (no cel phones or laptops), but it's because she's not running a Starbucks and wants everyone to know it.

              If I think of anything else that hasn't been mentioned I'll let you know.

              1. re: alkonost

                Thank you for such a detailed helpful response!! This should keep us very busy!

                1. re: mboxermd

                  You're welcome!! Enjoy the neighborhood, its a damn good one. And being on 15th street you get all the perks of living near 14th street without all the noise 24/7 from the bars, emergency vehicles, traffic and drunk locals :)

                  I tried to include some cheaper "every day" alternatives that I found myself going to when money was tight or I wanted a casual and quick meal.

                2. re: alkonost

                  That is a pretty comprehensive list, alkonost.

                  I would add:

                  Little Poland for a really decent breakfast and cup of coffee when you don't want to walk as far as Veselka or deal with the crowds there;

                  John's of 12th Street for dinner - good red-sauce Italian, reasonably priced, place has 100+ years of history, love the Tuscan ragu;

                  De Robertis for Italian cookies - recommend the bird-seed cookies, also has 100+ years of history!

                  1. re: j. marie

                    It's been a while since I've been to John's. Are they still cash only? They've been there forever, I wonder if they own the building. When I walked to school back in the day I was greeted by the red neon "John's" sign next to PS 19.

            2. Ponty Bistro on Third Ave. between 18-19th Streets is a charming spot with very good food -- primarily French but with West African influences, since the chef-owner is from Senegal.