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Mar 11, 2013 08:43 AM

Cleveland good eats

From casual and cheap to mid/high prices. We don't mind eating at the market or take away but would like one nicer sit down dinner unless there is a local diner or something else we should be doing. Will have a car and are willing to drive 15 mins or so.

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  1. Need a little more info here. What day(s) of the week will you be here? (lot of places closed on sunday or monday), breakfast, lunch or dinner, and are you staying downtown proper or east side or what?

    1. Will be at Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Will do the market one morning or afternoon and have crepes or gyros. Would like fast (perhaps Happy Dog's) and maybe one or two nicer places. Any recs on donut flavors from Jack Frost? Do we need to go before the market if we want to take some home or will there be lots still late in the day?

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        If you go to the market on a saturday, I recommend going early. Pickings are slimmer towards the end of their business day. On other days, not as many stands are open but those that are should have plenty of product.

        I've heard Jack Frost's doughnuts were good but havent' gone out of my way to get them so can't help there.

        Happy Dog is great and the dogs are actually really good. Noodlecat (downtown) is also fast and very good. For nice, Spice Kitchen & Bar right across the street is very good,and there are a plethora of great places downtown, including Lola, Chinato and Greenhouse Tavern.

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          Greenhouse Tavern is an excellent recommendation, definitely one of my favorites downtown.

          Lucky's Cafe is another hidden gem near the market. Excellent homemade food, but likely a bit of a wait on a Saturday.

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          Jack Frost... I've been going there for the past 20 or more years now. You can't go wrong with any of them really. My faves are the regular fried-cakes, especially the cocoanut, but any of the chocolate or maple frosted ones are good, too, whether with sprinkles or cream (another type of frosting they add on some) or not. Creullers are excellent as well. For a super sinful treat, try any of the candy bar ones. I like the Reese's one but it is very rich. Other unique flavors available like salted caramel, too. For best selection, go early, If you can.

        3. WE think Friday morning will be our market time.

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            Excellent. Let us know how the trip goes and if we can provide any other help!

          2. I am sensing we'll have to plan a quick summer escape - too many good restaurants. Is this a secret?

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              Why yes, yes it is. Pass it on to those you care about, keep the coastal snobs away, we don't want them. :)