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Mar 11, 2013 08:35 AM

Please help! Afternoon tea or dessert bar

Hi chowhounders!
I am a NY hound and will be visiting DC soon.
I will have lunch @ Adour and dinner @ Minibar.

I would like to have either afternoon tea or some desserts in between, but since I will be in DC on a weekday, most afternoon tea places I would like to try are not open. (i.e., Willard's Peacock Alley, The Jefferson, The Mansion on O Street, etc)

For dessert, I have already tried Coco Sala before and loved it.

Any other suggestions for afternoon tea or desserts?

P.S.> Is Union Market worth visiting?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I just received an email that the Willard will be offering a Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea seven days a week from March 20 to April 14. Check the Willard's site for times, and reservations are always recommended. I have had their holiday tea for many years, and it is one of the best in the area. If you're not visiting during that time, you might try the Four Seasons (Georgetown), or the Ritz Carlton (between midtown and Georgetown). I can't vouch for whether they still offer afternoon tea, but it's worth a look at their web site or a phone call. Barring that, try Teaism (Dupont Circle), which offers/offered (sorry I am not more current on this) an Asian-style tea in the afternoon.

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      Yes, I saw that cherry blossom afternoon tea at Willard too. Unfortunately, I will be in DC this week (weep). I have also checked out F/S, Ritz Carlton, and Teaism already but not exactly my kind of place... But thanks for your suggestion! :)

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        The Post article confirms that Teaism still serves tea. New Yorker should note that the Ellicott City location is about 30 miles from downtown DC. The Hill article makes me want to scream. What local hotels serve, with full tea service, dainty sandwiches, and sweets, is afternoon tea. High tea is closer to what we might call supper.

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          Just like macaron vs. macaroon... One of the most misused culinary terms. :)

      2. Kafe Leopold + Konditorei is a great place to have an excellent slice of cake and Meinl coffee.

        Union Market is worth a visit, for sure. Just keep your expectations in check. The salmon BLT from the smoked meat stand and a cone from Trickling Springs creamery are a good way to nosh away an afternoon. Follow with a coffee from Peregine Espresso. The baba ghanoush from the Mediterranean stand is quite good, too. I like some of the shops there as well (e.g., home decor @Salt), but overall, things strike me as quite overpriced.

        FWIW, I was very underwhelmed by Adour. At that price point, everything should be delicious and perfect. We went at Restaurant Week (but had a late reservation, so it wasn't as if they were overwhelmed), and the food was pretty lacking. Gorgeous modern decor, though.

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          Yikes! I just realized Union Market is open only in the weekend.

        2. The Mandarin Oriental has afternoon tea and buffet sandwiches/scones/desserts at its Empress Lounge. I think it's Thursday-Sunday.

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          1. re: 79pooh83

            Yes, Empress Lounge is perhaps the most appealing afternoon tea place to me so far among a few lounges available on a weekday.

          2. I haven't tried it but I believe the new Mari Vanna does a daily afternoon tea. From the outside it looks simply charming. It's a new Russian restaurant.

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              Thanks! Since there is Mari Vanna in New York too... so... :)