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Mar 11, 2013 07:04 AM

another rant about drink menus with no prices

It was a beautiful day in Pennsylvania on Sunday. In that happy weekend good weather mood, so we went to dinner at a local mexican restaurant. We had been there several times. The NEW multipage page drink menu had great pictures and no prices. I know the margarita prices were reasonable, so I did not give the no price issue another thought. I ordered the special margarita, because it was a nice day.

Thank goodness the waitress told me the price of the drink I ordered was $35. Yes $35, that was more than the cost of our two meals. It was made with a high quality Patron tequila. I change my order to a regular margarita.

Buyer beware

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    1. re: jpc8015

      This infuriates me so much that my normal procedure is to simply refuse to buy alcohol at places that won't put the damn drink prices on the menu.

      Places that are primarily bars are exempt from this personal policy because a. I rarely go into a bar, and b. generally speaking my bar purchases are pretty simple - a pint of something, a jack and coke or whiskey sour etc. If I order anything past a spirit and 1 mixer I start asking prices, ditto if the spirit costs more then about $25 a fifth at my local liquor store.

      Sometimes I will want a drink so badly I ask the price first and then decide if I want to order it for that price. But I just hate having to ask prices at a restaurant. If you can give me a menu with pictures and/or descriptions of the cocktails you can put a price on there too.

      1. I learned early on that if something doesn't have a price on it, it's more than likely too expensive.

        1. That's absurd. I'm having trouble with the idea of a menu with pictures and a $35 drink--doesn't seem to go together.

          1. Never assume when it comes to pricing, ask for prices before ordering.