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A nice restaurant between Oakville and Etobicoke please

My boss needs to meet another boss within the firm in a nice restaurant between Oakville and Etobicoke area. Your recommendations please. Many thanks!

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  1. Trattoria Timone off the QEW at Winston Church is pretty nice despite it being in the AMC plaza


    It used to be downtown Oakville.

    A bunch of spots downtown Oakville but my favourite right now is 7 Enoteca :


    But, to be honest I haven't had anything but the pizzas from there (pastas look good though from what I have seen).

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        Via Allegro looks nice. However, is there a nice restaurant located more in the middle of Etobicoke and Oakville? The 2 bosses would like to meet half way. If nothing in the middle, or nothing nicer (even it's closer to one or the other), I'll go with Via Allegro then. Many thanks!

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          So, basically you would be looking for Mississauga as that is what is in between. I still recommend Trattoria Timone since it is on the border of Oakville/Mississauga and it is just off the highway.

      2. Is the Breakwater Restaurant within Waterside Inn any good?

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          I can recommend the Breakwater...especially for two businessmen. Quiet...small lounge for a cocktail or three...and nice service with actual linen and no lame hipster vibe to be found. Others might think it square...but you won't go wrong for a business dinner.

        2. A colleague mentioned that there's an amazing, small, intimate, family run Italian place in Port Credit, but forgot the name. Anyone knows which restaurant she's referring to?

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            Is it Aielli's?? We go there all of the time and it is amazing.

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              Might be Papa guiseppes which is a pasta/pizza place. when it was Hooks was fabu. Papa's is good but your better off going in the summer when you can sit on the patio as tiny place.

              Ritorno in Oakville off Dundas & Trafalgar is amazing, offshoot of Julia's downtown oakville. Amazing food good prices.

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                That would be Villa Sorrento, 1149 Lakeshore Road E


                Very good

              2. Timone can be somewhat noisy for a business meeting if it's busy.

                Waterside Inn's Breakwater is quiet and sophisticated. If the chef is "on", the food can be exceptional.

                Piatto Bistro on Dundas east of Erin Mills Pkwy is ideal with high standards of food and service, but reserve and specify a table in their quiet dining room with its well spaced tables, not the bistro room.

                1. I suggest Solstice Restaurant on Lakeshore near Clarkson in Mississauga. Family run Italian restaurant, modern looking, always great food and good service. Easy parking too.

                  1. Looks it's so difficult to pick out a best restaurant in that area. I don't care about the price as long as its ambience is good, good for birthday celebration for business partners and good for conversation. And food/wine must be good too.

                    My colleauges recommended the following. All different. Would you know which one really stands out? Many thanks!

                    Shore Grill and Grotto
                    Port Credit

                    Micheal’s Back Door
                    Clarkson (between Oakville and Port Credit

                    Mississauga Road and Dundas

                    best Italian restaurant in PC: http://www.aielli.com/

                    The Pumphouse rocks!! There is also a fancy Italian place and Colossus is famous in PC

                    The Waterside Inn
                    15 Stavebank Road South, Mississauga, Ontario
                    Menu: http://www.watersideinn.ca/breakwater...

                    The Old Barber House (Mississauga


                    Ailoli Ristorante (Mississauga / Etobicoke)

                    Zorros Steak and Seafood

                    Osso Bucco (Brampton)

                    1. 2 more are recommended:

                      La Castille near 427

                      Ruth’s Chris at Square One.

                      Why no single one is recommended by 2 more people?

                      Ha! It made me faint.

                      1. Thank you all for your great help on this! FYI, we went with Aielli on Lakeshore: http://www.aielli.com/.