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Mar 11, 2013 04:27 AM

Heading to Ft. Lauderdale for the first time, where should I eat?

Holler! I'll be heading to your fine neck of the woods for the first week in May. Staying in Bal Harbour. I'm looking for cheap eats, food trucks, dive bars....whatever you've got to suggest. The town we're staying in doesn't seem to have much going on but a Chipolte and some fancier places....but I'll be on vacation so, fancy is out. I want to chill.

I'm planning on checking out:
Riverside Market, Georgia Pig, Betty's and maybe Nacho Bizness or Rocco's tacos.

We're coming from CT (if that helps you to guide us from things we're already used to).


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  1. About 20-25 blocks south of Bal Harbor on Collins is Little Buenos Aires with lots of South American restaurants, bars and cafes. Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are all represented. El Rey del Chivito at 6987 Collins Ave. is Uruguyan and Los Perros at 6995 Collins for Colombian hot dogs. Just wander this area and you will find lots of cheap ethnic eats that you would probably not find in CT.

    1. After you do the Water Taxi and gaze at all the mansions and giant yachts, head over to Le Tub on the Intercoastal in Hollywood. Has won national awards for the best burger in the US, and is quite funky with bathroom toilets all over the outdoor patio seating, used as planters.

      1. Bal Harbour is closer to Miami than to Fort Lauderdale.

        1. I just got back so here is a couple of places :
          Seasons 52 the menu changes each weel, nothing on the menu over 475 calories. Very nice place if you can get in I used open table 2 weeks ahead of time.

          Greek Isle in Hollywood only 10 min ride from Ft Laud. No reservations, the best greek food anywhere the lines are very long.

          1. Go to SEA. I just returned from a trip in early February, and SEA was a glorious experience for a foodie like me. Make a reservation if you're any more than one person, and perhaps even then. It's a small place, but terrific.