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Mar 11, 2013 02:09 AM

Two outstanding Shanghainese / Pekingnese meal in Hong Kong - One Healthy, One Not So!!

Part 1: Healthy Option Dinner at Shanghai Fraternity Association.

A group of old University buddies with friendship spanning over a few decades had a re-union dinner at Shanghai Fraternity Association in Central. This is one of the most popular 'member only' establishment offering excellent Shanghainese cuisine.

A set menu for 9 was pre-arranged by one of my Doctor friend with most dishes leaning towards the more healthy option. They included:

Appetizers: - Chopped Shanhainese greens with minced seasoned
preserved tofu
- Crispy fried eel strips with black vinegar and honey glaze.
- Drunken Squab in Xiao Xing Wine
Soup: - Double boiled whole Yuan Nan Ham Hocks with Free Range
Boiler chicken and Chinese Nappa Cabbage
Entrees: - Stirred fry Sugar Snap Peas with diced Yuan Nan Ham
- Poach shredded Baramundi filet with sweet preserved shredded
- Sponge wrapped Honey Glazed Yuan Nan Ham and fried
Yuba skin.
- Xiao Lung Bao and Vegetable dumplings.
Dessert - Minature glutinous balls with fermented rice wine.

A very delicious and healthy meal with a minimal of fried dishes designed for the lady spouses amongst us. Its been such a long while since I have a chance to savour my favorite Yuan Nan Ham, presented in a number of different options!! The sweat peas and the Ham wrapper were undoubtedly the star of the evening. XLB was comparable to places like Din Tai Fung.

These set the stage for a similar meal the next day featuring more 'un-healthy' but equally delicious options!

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  1. ive heard of this place many times

    looks great, but do you have to go with a member?

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    1. re: Lau

      Yes! But one doesn't have to be a Shanghainese to join!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          What does one have to do to join the association? is the food here worth the effort of trying to joining SFA (I have no SH affiliation) or should i settle on dining at other great Shanghai restaurants in town, is it worth the effort of joining SFA?

          i am trying to find a great SH meal or two in HK, so am trying to assess whether joining makes sense.

          1. re: ckshen

            If you're not resident in HK, I don't think it makes sense for you to join. I have an aunt in Singapore (of Shanghainese descent) who *loves* the food served here, but she only visits HK 3-4 times a year at the most, so she didn't join after much mulling. Consequently, a HK cousin decided to take up membership there just so she can bring this aunt to dine at the restaurant, as a favour.

            You can also find similar types of dishes at the Ningbo Residents' Association restaurant. That's opened to the public.

            1. re: ckshen

              FYI, the relatively new 1* ' Jardin de Jade ' in Wan Chai's SHK Centre apparently lured some of Shanghai Fraternity's chefs over. Elegant place, some dishes are great.
              However, in HK, the choices are so many, one can savor some pretty good Shanghainese fare without joining clubs or association. Some favorites of mine include Liu Yuan Pavillion ( Wan Chai ), Wang Jia Sha ( Hung Hum ), Xinjishi (CWB ) and Ye Shanghai (TST).
              I believe fellow hound klyeoh loves Ye Shanghai! Pretty good endorsement. IMO!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                thanks both.

                on Residents' Association restaurant- I am coming from SF bay area where Shanghai food is somewhat limited, so i am planning to get some good SH meals in while in HK. I have planned to go to Liu Yuan and Ye Shanghai. is Ningbo worth going if i have to sacrifice restaurants with similar quality as those two, even though Ningbo probably is quite different than the two?

                Xinjishi seems to be closed.

        2. Yeah this place and Soh Jeet are very good members only type restaurants. Don't think I've eaten here again since I was a kid! "Far East" was another great one in Central, heard the chef re-opened a restaurant after he moved to Vancouver.

          Chinese Club and Chariot Club also do very tasty food, though not as upscale in nature, but you also have to know a member to eat there.

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          1. re: K K

            I can also vouch for SFA. I didn't like it the first time I went, but the second time, it was spot on on all counts. I'm happy to hear the call out for the sweet peas + ham dish, which I love. I don't see a photo of it up there, so I've attached my own for any curious reader.

            @ KK - Agree that Chariot Club is also pretty yummy. What do you like there?

            1. re: Jon914

              I only had two things at the Chariot Club as it was my first visit (and I did not take any pictures). Cream of mushroom soup, and Portugese style baked ox tongue rice. They were really good, and thus fulfilled my need to have some upscale HK style western (and I thus skipped Tai Ping Koon, saving valuable stomach space for other things).

              Chinese Club (Wah Seung) does a killer cup of hot coffee (Chariot Club's was nice too).

              1. re: K K

                Interesting, that's totally different from what I had. I've gone twice, and both times had Cantonese food including the almond soup that Yum's Bistro does (and IMO, still does slightly better).

                1. re: Jon914

                  I believe the Chariot Club has two floors. I think I went on the lower floor that first and only time for lunch, and I dined at a section near the drums, facing the window.