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Mar 10, 2013 11:49 PM

Top Restaurant, with vegetarian options? [San Francisco]

I'm in SF for a few days (arriving Monday, leaving Wednesday) and have time to go to three restaurants for dinner (M/T/W). I'd love to go to a great restaurant, that has vegetarian options. (I'm not that interested in a "vegetarian restaurant"). On my last trip I tried State Bird Provisions and Rich Table, which were fantastic. The trip before that I tried One Market, which was good, though SBP and RT I liked much better. Are there any comparable restaurants -- both in terms of quality and price -- to these places? Where I can walk in or get a reservation on short notice (hopefully being early in the week would help)?


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  1. Cotogna. Would recommend calling asap but you can try day of as well...they also have bar seating.

    1. Despite Incanto's reputation as a temple of meat, they make some of the best vegetarian dishes around.

      Barbacco. Don't miss the farotto.

        1. It's been about a year and a half, but I had a great meal at AQ. I'm veg, husband isn't, and we both enjoyed it very much.

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            Enjoyed the sweet pea dessert at AQ recently (was not as enamored of their fish and beef preparations, which I thought were overcooked, and would probably not return on that basis). Also really enjoyed the green garlic sformato at Cotogna.