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Mar 10, 2013 10:09 PM

Jade Cathay Chinese Cuisine, San Jose

In another thread, KK mentions Jade Cathay in San Jose.

Checking out the address and seeing photos of the building façade, I've figured out that it's the large Chinese place next to Izakaya Restaurant. So, I've walked by it before, but never ventured in.

What's good here?

Jade Cathay
1339 N 1st St
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 392-9388

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  1. I've been to Jade Cathay few times with my co-workers who are all originally from Hong Kong as they all say it's better than HK Saigon, which used to be the place for us to go for a decent dim sum in Santa Clara, so I've only tried dim sum and no dinner. We get the usuals (i.e. har gao, siu mai, chicken feet, rice noodle rolls, etc.), plus lobster noodles. I also like their doufuhua. Once, I tried to order an item from their dinner menu because it sounded good - Lily bulbs with corn and pine nuts (松子玉米粒素炒鮮百合) but was told they didn't have it that day.

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      Thanks for the info, yuko. Lobster noodles always get my attention! I was surprised that there'd been no mentions of all of this place until KK brought it to our attention. Goes to show how scarce on the ground reports from San Jose have become. Doubly thankful to you for reporting in.

    2. KK might know a bit more about the background, but Jade Cathay is a reincarnation of the now closed King Crab restaurant in Milpitas (which has now been redone as a swanky second branch of Jang Su Jang) and is jointly headed by a manager from the San Jose Dynasty. We used to go to King Crab a lot in the early 2000's before it started its decline and sudden closure.

      I haven't been to Jade Cathay, but glancing at the Yelp pictures, the dinner dishes in particular bear some similarity to those of King Crab, so the lineage is there.

      Bearing that lineage in mind, I recall King Crab doing sauteed items decently (sauteed beef + pea sprouts / mushrooms / you choy / etc.), did a good short ribs dish, and their rice/noodles consistently had wok hay for a while. I'd stay away from poultry (steamed chicken, roast squab), which they consistently tended to overcook.

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        Interesting, thanks for connecting the dots to the present.

        I wish we had a better way of keeping track of these ownership and chef movements in our local Chinese restaurants.

      2. The original comment has been removed