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Mar 10, 2013 09:07 PM

Charlie Palmer Steak Cut of the Week--A Simply Superb Steal

The Cut of the Week was a Wagyu stripsteak and it was phenomenal in a lovely not too salty port wine sauce puddle which matched the meat well. The accompanying truffle potatoes had real slices of truffle on them and plenty of truffle oil inside. It was a super treat for this truffle hound to get actual truffle pieces on a prix fixe like this. The citrus asparagus were terrific too. The mascarpone cheesecake was delicious as well. The only negative was a small disc of bone marrow flan that accompanied the steak that tasted like a salt lick.

The service was attentive and the room is dark, restful and a welcome change from of the louder steakhouses I have been to.

All in all, for $48 per person, which included both white and red wine in the price, this is a veritable steal in taste and quality. I would go back in a heartbeat were it not for the five hour drive, and, frankly, will be going back anyway as soon as possible despite it.

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  1. Nice review.....sounds like it would have been worth double the price...

    1. I do the cut often .. and only got cut off on the unlimited wine once but it was my birthday . Its always a nice time .. and the wine is always paired nicely. It definitely pays to make sure you check out the menu before hand.

      1. I had a reservation booked for tonight and we planned to do the Cut of the Week. Last week's menu was wedge salad, flatiron steak, and a chocolate peanut butter bar all of which sounded great.

        Today they posted this week's menu: beet salad (not a beet fan but I could have dealt) and rack of lamb as the entree. None of the 3 of us eats lamb so I wound up canceling the reservation. It's a shame because we were definitely looking forward to it. We just had dinner at Delmonico last night so we didn't want to order a la carte as the menu and prices are so similar and last night was one of our two "splurge" meals. Oh well.

        1. Thanks for posting; perhaps the actual cut makes a big difference. We went a couple years ago and the option that night was flatiron which we thought was just okay. The price is good but the food quality wasn't worth going out of our way. We may try again if wagyu stripsteak comes up again.

          1. The truffle potatoes at cp are wonderful!