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Mar 10, 2013 08:03 PM

ribfest 2013

Well, the nice weather has me already craving ribfest. Last year I only went to two, Scarborough and Mississauge. I will admit that they didn't seem quite as good as years in the past. Anyone else notice this? I still like them though and plan on going to a bunch seeing as that is the only times you can get good ribs in the GTA.

Was also curious to know what everyone favorite ribbers are?

I really used to like Uncle Sam's but over the last couple of years I've prefered bad wolf and hawgs gone wild.

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  1. i've found the ribs at ribfests universally so mass produced that they come out overcooked, tough and dry.

    mephis at yonge & sheppard was my goto spot for ribs, but haven't been there for awhile.

    will checkout your recos.

    1. If you're going to Mississauga I'd say skip the Ribfest and head to Paul and Sandy's.

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        I have heard good things about Paul and Sandy's, not sure I could skip a ribfest though.
        I just checked out there website too and looks very promising.


        Can't believe you like that place memphis at Yonge and Sheppard. I used to live and work right at that corner so I was pretty excited when the place opened up. Tried and couldn't belive how bad the ribs were.

      2. I would recommend you go to the Burlington Rib fest over Labour Day weekend if you want a nice ribfest. It is right down by the lake, and I think it is the largest rib fest in Canada.

        Having said that, I am pretty much off Ribfests for good unless my friends want to go, or I am given free rib passes (family member works for a company that sponsors one of them). Like filtered mention I don't find them very good having been to some good BBQ spots for ribs now (Memphis Fire BBQ in Winona still probably my favourite but Buster Rhino's in Whitby too).

        1. Like others, I'll say don't go to Ribfest for the food. Go for the fun.

          I'd recommend Toronto Ribfest held annually at Centennial Park in Etobicoke. They typically have a great line-up of live acts playing the kind of music that goes naturally with bbq.

          1. Generally don't bother with Ribfests as I have found the product to be sub-par. Agree with others that it's more about the atmosphere and fun.

            That being said, if you just love ribs, try the Steak Pit on Avenue Rd. Their "Mexican style" (just BBQ sauce, really - LOL) ribs are truly great. (even after all these years...)

            Yes, I know it's old school and we have a couple of GREAT rib options (Hogtails BBQ!) out this way, but Steak Pit baby backs are STILL the some of the best ribs to be found anywhere, IMO and always worth a drive into T.O. for me.

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              Buster Rhino's??? Seriously??? I drove there all the way from North York based on things from this board and couldn't be more disappointed. I think ribfest ribs are waaaay better. Last year was really the first time at the ribfest that I felt they were mediocre. That certainly wasn't enough to put me off them. I I guess it goes to show it's all a matter of perspective/personal preference cause board member filtered said he thought memphis and yonge and sheppard was good and which were the furthest thing from good BBQ in my opinion.

              1. re: C mac

                Decided to give this place a try. I'm here right now and will report back

                1. re: C mac

                  Which location did you go to? What did you have at BR? I have only been to the original location (in an industrial area). I went for a tasting menu type thing and got to try the brisket, pulled pork, ribs, smoked lasagna, etc and thought it was all good. Surprised you had a bad experience, still hear a lot of positive things about it...

                  1. re: ylsf

                    Really loved the tasting too. Especially the brisket!

                    1. re: ylsf

                      Okay, let me start by saying I just finished my meal Paul and Sandy's, I definitley would never skip a ribfest to go there. Having that said, it is the best place I've been to outside of the ribfest. I've been to Buster Rhino's, Phils original BBQ and every other place mentioned on this board and was always a dissapointment. This place is actually pretty good, but again, I'd never say it's better than some of the good ribbers from ribfest.


                      I just had a rack of ribs. I didn't know they had more than one location. It was in whitby and sort of an industrial area too. I hear what your saying, many people still say good things abouwt them. Wasn't my cup of tea.

                      1. re: C mac

                        K, now I am curious for you to try Memphis Fire BBQ in Winona. This place isn't related to the other "Memphis" places around town. They only do ribs on certain days of the week and best to pre-order/reserve some ribs as they often sell out.... You seem to be on the search for awesome ribs so curious what you think as they probably my favourite in GTA still.

                        1. re: ylsf

                          I don't mind traveling across the city but Winona is a bit far.