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Mar 10, 2013 07:49 PM

Where to get bitters in Buffalo area?

Hi, I am wondering where bitters are sold in the USA and in Buffalo in particular. Here they are sold in grocery stores or speciality stores but not in the liquor store. I am looking for Peychaud's in particular to make sazeracs (not sold in stores here, at least not at a reasonable price). I have been to premiere gourmet/liquour before, would a place like that carry Peychauds? I tried contacting them but didn't hear back (guess I could call them LD). But thought CHers would know off hand too and be able to recommend a spot. I am going to Holiday Valley ski resort on Tuesday so somewhere not too far off the highway would be great.

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    1. Give Premier on Delaware Ave. a call. They have a huge liquor store on one side and a gourmet/deli with great beer selection on the other (state laws...).

      1. Thanks to you both. The Kegworks spot looks interesting, definitely keeping it mind in the future.

        I was actually typing up a post before jmoryl posted but I got distracted. I did call Premiere Gourmet earlier (the one by Boulevard Mall) and they have it so I will likely just stop by there as they always have some fun/different groceries to pick up there!