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Mar 10, 2013 07:36 PM

Propane range under $2k?

I just bought a house and need to swap out all the appliances. Right now there's room for a 30" range, but I can move some stuff around to fit a 36". I don't need anything fancy, and really have to keep it at 2k Max.

Looking for recommendations that'll work with an OTR microwave.

I saw a NXR 36" at a local discount/scratch and dent store for 1900, but I think it might be natural gas. It was manufactured in 2008 which might be good since I heard the newer ones use cheaper steel.

But, assuming that idea isn't available, what would you recommend in my price range?

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  1. Most gas ranges can be configured for either NG or LP. The NXR conversion kit is $90. If you like it otherwise, conversion shouldn't be a big issue.

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      Very interesting, thanks for that link.

      Would still like to consider some recommendations as well.