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Mar 10, 2013 06:20 PM

Crossants, Rich and Ethereal at the Same Time>>Chocolee in the South End

Hadn't been for awhile, but Heads Up, you bakery-loving CHs>>Lee Napoli still makes an amazing product.I do believe her Almond croissants must weigh 1/2 lb each! Their crunchy light exterior gives way to ethereal moist pastry layers with a solid core of lovely dense almond paste. Same quality in her Ham and Cheese and Chocolate versions. Her seasonal chocolates include a number of adorable Easter chocolates, including bunnies filled with ganache and finished with colorful jelly bean tails. (I myself almost bought out her inventory of White Chocolate Pistachio truffles.)

BTW,Lee says that hopefully, her Bread and Butter Cafe will be open next month in the No. End. And its longer hours will see Chocolee with longer hours as well. Yippee! No more ' weekends only'!

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