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Mar 10, 2013 05:25 PM

Looking for a fruit and nut egg. Description in message. MKE but anywhere

This is more a flat lander old timer thing. On the LTH forum I requested and did not get responses other than folks remembering. A fruit and nut egg. Readily available in the 60's and 70's. the interior being a very dense fondant with candied fruit and (walnuts and pecans?).

So dense with the fondant that you had to cut it with a knife. Every chocolate shop in MKE I asked did not know what I was describing.
Roughly 4" long by 2" high looking like a 2/3 egg. In HS (class of '78)
I bought several to last through the year. Moving my father to Milwaukee one of the things he looked forward to but I was not able to find.

My teenager laughs at me right now because I despise the local Fannie May and their huge prices, and having spent a Saturday hitting every chocolate shop I know only having whipped eggs......

Any thoughts ANYWHERE in the Midwest would be helpful.
The teenager thinks I am telling stories. The F%#}}{% kid tried to get us into
the cat show this weekend as a scout helping an elderly person.

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  1. Marshall Field's Candy Kitchen made these (& Frango Mints) in decades past. I worked there & had to wrap the eggs in plastic, pack em 'em in fake green grass. When I dropped one--the chocolate shell would crack. I feared my supervisors' wrath and pocketed the broken eggs to take home.

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      "Thanks for the memories..." Now I know what was in my Easter basket in Flossmoor and where it came from.

    2. We have these in the Baltimore area made by the Mary Sue company. They are sold in 1/4, 1/2 and 1 lb size. I believe you can order them on line at

      1. I remember eggs like the one you described. When I was a kid I would browse through the Easter selection at the drug store with my mom, she always bought a chocolate covered fruit and nut fondant egg. It would be in a pretty pastel box with the cellophane window on the top and front, and was decorated with a simple sugar flower on top. We would cut thin slices from the egg to serve with dessert. You cannot find them anymore in any of the local stores so online is really your only option. I did find one candy maker that still makes some very similar to the ones I used to get as a child. You can find them online at Gardners Candies, look under Holiday Items in their menu on the left of the page and select Easter. I hope it is what you have been searching for. Best of luck!