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Mar 10, 2013 05:21 PM

Truly Extraordinary Lo Mein

Lo Mein is one of my favorite foods. It is simple, nutritious, and delicious. A good Lo Mein should be comprised of a perfect balance between flavored meat, fresh vegetables, noodles, and a savory sauce that permeates all of the elements. So why is it so hard to find decent Lo Mein in The Cities? Some common Lo Mein problems include a noodle to veggie/meat ratio that is way too high, inadequate or a strange combination of vegetables. Low-quality, overcooked, or barely flavored meat, inadequate and/or flavorless sauce that hasn’t permeated the noodles, low-quality or badly prepared noodles, or all of the above! So chime in ChowHounds! Please post your experience with truly exceptional examples of Lo Mein here in the Twin Cities. (Other variations, like Chow Fun, are also welcome.)

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  1. I love a good lo mein also, and like you, most places here have no clue how to prepare it properly. However, Little Szechuan has a very tasty lo mein, but it is often overlooked because it is part of their "Traditional" menu (aka Americanized Chinese), and is located on the very last page of their menu.

    But trust me, it is very good (especially the BBQ version). Check them out!

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      Finally made it over to Little Szechuan for some Beef Lo Mein. While it was better than Evergreen, it certainly wasn't great. What is with all the the greasy spaghetti noodles? The best Lo Mein I've had the the Twin Cities was at Singapore in Maplewood, but that was about 8 years ago and I know they've since closed. I think that place is related to the Singapore on S. 34th Ave near Lake Nokomis. I might give them a try and see.

    2. It's not my favorite dish, but my wife always orders it, and I usually have a few bites. Evergreen Chinese has my favorite version. It actually tastes like something, and the ratio of noodles to et al. is pretty solid.

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      1. re: kevin47

        Tried Evergreen and I can understand why Lo Mein isn't your favorite dish. Consisting of greasy spaghetti noodles, a few scraps of small vegetables, and coarsely cut beef (some of which tasted like it was passed it's prime,) it was far below average, IMHO. I regrettably ordered a few more dishes to-go: chicken with black-bean sauce, Mongolian beef, mapo tofu, and eggplant with basil. Most of it was prepared with only a modicum of skill, or had oddly combined flavors, or both. I sincerely hope the backup to backup chef was working when I tried Evergreen. In the meantime, the Lo Mein quest pushes onward.

      2. I've heard that the fun noodles at Grand Shanghai on Grand in St. Paul are made by hand, but I've only ordered them for take-out (which doesn't really give the food a fair chance, I think, so really hard to recommend them on those experiences alone) and it's been years since I've done so. Still, if you're on a quest, it might be worth investigating. If you check it out, please do report back. Good luck!


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          I'm definitely a chow fun fan and the best I've found here lately is at Bangkok Deli in St. Paul.

        2. The best lo mein I've encountered is at Rose Garden in Coon Rapids.
          I always get the beef lo mein. Meat is tender, noodles are perfect, wonderful smokey wok hei. Portions are huge! Destination worthy, in my opinion.

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          1. re: BlueSkyGuy

            The shrimp lo mein at Fresh Wok is cheap and very tasty. The other meats are not nearly as good.

          2. Looking for a delicious chow fun place. Going to try my hand at it tomorrow night.

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              Oops, didn't see this before. Bangkok Deli or sometimes at Little Szechwan, but they are spotty.