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Suggestions for St Pat's day dessert--NOT cake

We're hosting a st Pat's day traditional dinner, for which I'll be baking my classic Irish soda bread. So I'd love suggestions for an Irish dessert that isn't cakey, since the soda bread is rather heavy and will already fill that bill. Banoffee? I'm stumped.

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    1. how about a custard or a shortbread? shortbread with coffee (maybe irish coffee?) could be nice... otherwise, maybe a pie, like sweet potato or rhubarb?

      1. "Grasshopper Pie"!!!!

        Not a "traditional" St. Pat's dish, but oh so good. Was my mom's St. Pat's Day treat. Colorful in St. Pat's colors & delicious.

        I don't have a recipe to share, but there are a fair number out there if you do a websearch. In fact, I'm thinking of making some version of it for hubby & I next week.

        1. Pistachio cookies served with mint ice cream.

          1. Some beautiful ripe green pears and Irish cheese.

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              This is perfect!
              I'm serving an Irish cheddar with grapes and pistachios. And maybe these Irish whiskey truffles http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/ty...

            2. Donegal Oatmeal Cream. I would post the link to the recipe, but I am very new to posting and I don't know how=(

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                Wiscokid, it's worth it to figure out how to do links -- I'm not a good tech explainer, but you could start here
                and meanwhile here's a recipe for the Donegal Cream, which sounds really nice!
                Is this a good one?

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                  You can just copy and paste the web address into the area where you type and it'll appear as a link :)

                2. Not irish but a few years ago a friend served simple vanilla ice cream topped with creme de menthe. After the huge (heavy!) dinner this was quite nice and the green kept with the overall St Paddies Day theme.

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                    There's always the option of pistachio ice cream, too.

                  2. My Aunt used to make chocolate filled meringues which were tinted green. They were just the right touch with coffee after a heavy meal. Not Irish, but it worked and looked festive!

                    1. I'm doing the following along with brown butter soda bread...

                      Corned Beef Hash with Poached Eggs
                      Colcannon Pie
                      perhaps a soup
                      i'm doing an apple pie i believe or a potato pie dessert... just because

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                        I make colcannon and I want to hear more about your colcannon pie!

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                          i've done it several different ways...

                          i generally roast my cabbage. i often do a combo of kale and cabbage.

                          i prefer leeks over scallions, but i've done it without... prefer with.

                          i bake my potatoes rather than boil. i like to mash with a combo of butter, cream cheese, and a little milk to thin if necessary. along with S & P. i've done it with caraway seeds... meh, not as popular in my crowd.

                          sometimes i mix it all up and just bake in a pie plate.
                          sometimes i make a meat "crust" out of ground beef or pork.

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                            THANK YOU - finally, an ally in the baked not boiled mashed potato realm. I keep posting the baked idea on the mashed threads and no one notices. It makes me feel so bad. ;-/

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                              people notice... don't be sad :) in fact, there are a number of baking proponents. i'm of a lonelier camp wherein i prefer to "par-nuke" my potatoes to soften them before throwing them in the oven.

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                                Yeah, we do the par-nuke when we start them too late....!

                      2. Irish Coffee with Jamesons & Bailey's and Whipped Cream.

                        1. Guinness and ice cream Float.

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                              Nahhhhhhhh..............you're just emphasizing the point that it's darn good! :)

                          1. Irish coffee parfaits with gingerbread cookies or stout cake between the layers.

                            1. Thank you ALL for your wonderful and creative ideas! Lots to choose from here. In fact, I may just do more than one!
                              Slainte, everyone!

                              1. Guinness "Root Beer" float?


                                Some other ideas, including the Donegal Oatmeal Cream:


                                1. How about rhubarb meringue pie? It's from Darina Allen so it must be Irish. Here's a recipe converted to US measures: http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes...

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                                    ...er, I actually meant rhubarb tarte tatin...

                                  2. You probably could make any non-cakey dessert and just decorate with green sugar crystals or icing and call it "Irish"

                                    1. At my old restaurant, we used to do a Guinness float with frozen chocolate custard, a splash of Jameson and cocoa nibs on top of the foam. People already order a lot of booze on st Pattys day at a gastropub, but those floats sold like hot cakes!

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                                        How about a sticky toffee pudding? maybe not specifically Irish, but very UK I believe? You could make it with a hard sauce from Jameson.

                                      2. How about Strawberry Short Snakes? There are lots of recipes on the web. While not green, snakes and Ireland/St. Patty's Day go together. You could always tint the whipped cream green, and who doesn't like strawberry shortcake?

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                                          If you are going for the green thing, how about a pistachio panna cotta?

                                        2. English Trifle. You could dye the whipped cream green,.