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Mar 10, 2013 04:40 PM

What are you doing about arsenic in rice?

Have you changed your method of preparing the rice or limited your consumption or changed the type of rice you are buying or eating?

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  1. Eating more s a remarkably good sub for short grained rice.

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      1. Haven't changed a thing. And don't think I'll grow another head or die earlier than intended. Go figure.

        1. I somehow missed the memo until quite recently. It seems to me that considering all the many, many years I've been eating rice, doing something about it at this stage of the game is probably not going to extend my lifespan. I just bought a big bag of sushi rice from the Korean store, which needs to be washed quite thoroughly to play nicely in my rice cooker. That change has nothing to do with arsenic. I just wanted some good, delicious short-grain rice!

          1. I've mostly stopped eating brown rice. I used to eat it primarily for the health benefits, but I decided that the increased fiber and b vitamins were not worth the higher arsenic levels. Plus I no longer have to listen to my spouse complain! (he prefers white rice). Other than that, no change.