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Mar 10, 2013 04:15 PM

Songkran 2013?

I'm searching around and can't find any good information for a Songkran 2013 festival in the area. Anyone find anything? Thanks!

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  1. The big one is on Layhill Rd in Silver Spring. Usually around the second week of April.

    2013 Not yet announced on their webpage, though you can always contact them:

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      April 14 in Silver Spring. They just updated their website a few days ago:

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        Thanks. And, Sunday April 7 in Virginia at Wat Yarnna Rangsee. it's on their website but you basically need to be able to read and understand Thai.

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          Also, there is construction at the Silver Spring temple, so I would expect a lot less vendors. Thanks for the heads up on the Virginia location. We can visit that one instead for our plants and herbs this year.

    2. There were about a third of the usual vendors at Wat Thai's Songkran festival last week. There were no plant vendors and I was informed only vendors who were donating proceeds to the temple were allowed. Thankfully, we had visited Wat Yarn's festival a week earlier to get our plants and herbs (thanks again, Geoff.) From a food perspective, we found Wat Yarn's vendors better, but the lack of vendors at Wat Thai allowed us to focus more on non-food aspects of Songkran and we really enjoyed the experience. The mango sticky rice lady informed us there's also another festival this weekend, but I can't remember exactly which temple that was.

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        Here is the temple holding a Songkran festival this Sunday: