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Mar 10, 2013 03:24 PM

favorite bottled salad dressings?!?

When market has bottled dressings on sale, I'll stock up. Vinegar based dressings seem to last indefinitely on pantry shelf. Creamy ones (ranch, ceasar) go a little stale even when not opened.

Bought a few "new" Kraft varieties in small bottles... $1 aisle. REALLY liked this mango chipotle, but NEVER see it in LARGE bottles. Yesterday bought 4 small $1 bottles, cuz they were there.

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  1. I ALWAYS have a jar of "Marie's" Blue Cheese Dressing - regular or "extra" in the fridge; also enjoy Marie's Thousand Island, which is a "must have" for my post-St. Pat's Day Reuben sandwiches. Actually, I pretty much enjoy all of Marie's refrigerated dressings.

    I rarely if ever buy the shelf bottled dressings, although some of "Ken's" dressings are quite good, & my husband is a whore for some of "Newman's Own" bottles.

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      You should try a Reuben with Blue cheese, you may never go back to Thousand Island. I don't usually buy bottled dressings, but I do like Marie's Creamy Italian Garlic and there is a Pacific Northwest company called Riverhouse that makes a Honey Dijon & a Greek Feta that I like.

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        I'd never noticed Ken's till two weeks ago when they were on sale and I needed dressing for a pasta salad. Used the Balsamic and Italian to marinade the vegetables in overnight (brunch pot luck, precut and precooked everything then tossed it all together just before leaving.) Turned out really well.

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          Ken's has been out go-to supermarket brand for a long time. We also have a soft spot for Kraft Roka Blue - not the best at all, but somehow perfect when we want that iceberg wedge!

          We have bought and enjoyed a lot of Trader Joe's bottled ones, too; right now we have the Thai Peanut and the Champagne Pear Vinaigrette. Love the former, find the latter just too sweet, but Mrs. O likes it fine.

      2. Hidden Valley Ranch

        Newman's Own Italian

        Annie's Naturals Shiitake and Sesame

        1. I really like Bernstein's Cheese Fantastico. I always have it on is also good for adding a little zip to veggies beyond salads.

          1. I usually make my own dressings at home, but my favourite bought flavour is Japanese roasted sesame dressing. It's good on both salads and cooked vegetables (like steamed green beans, for example).

            1. My favorite salad dressing comes from Whole Foods-Tangerine Vinaigrette. I love it, its tangy and just a tiny bit sweet.