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Mar 10, 2013 03:12 PM

Top Calgary Picks for Montreal Hound

My first time chowing in Calgary. I'm looking at a weekend stay so Fri & Sat night, and a lunch on Sat. What are the best of the best, price no object? thx

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  1. Here is some reading to start you off.

    My current favourite is Cassis Bistro

    1. The best of the best? off the top of my head:
      River Café
      Il Sogno
      Home Tasting Room
      Brava Bistro
      Model Milk

      The best dining areas are downtown (Stephen Avenue) and 17th Ave SW between 2 and 14 Streets. But interesting things are happening in Mission, Kensington, Bridgeland, Inglewood too.

      1. Good suggestions from the previous commenters.

        My current favourite is Model Milk.

        Market Restaurant and Candela are two new restaurants that are getting a lot of good reviews.

        1. Many good suggestions here.......our current favorites based a number of dining experiences are River Cafe(#1) & Mercato`s which has pretty good food & often a nice buzz as well.

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            It is great to hear River Cafe is still top of lists. Such a beautiful space, glad the food is still equal to the ambience.

          2. Had a Lunch "date" with my wife today at Mercato`s........happy to report that it was excellent. My meal was good tho` not exceptional( not really expecting superlatives at Mercato`s)......SO`s meal was very good. Service was very, very good! One of our favorite wines was not available today but our server recommended an excellent substitute.