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Mar 10, 2013 03:12 PM

Steve's Backroom - DTW - on Jefferson

First visit on Saturday night, with three friends that have trustworthy

First impressions:

- Parking could be a real problem, if the restaurant gets busy.

- Not an upscale operation. Not a downscale
operation. The photo featured on their webpage
is a beauty shot of their front room/bar area.
It was closed on Saturday @ 7PM.

Arrived @ 7PM and promptly seated at a table
for five. The front room was not being used.
The back room was not full.

Server was attentive and knowledgeable.

Appetizers were good. The portion size of the
"large" appetizer was unexpectedly small, for a
$13 appetizer.). Tabbouleh, baba ghannouj,
cheese, olives & meatless grape leaves were
good. Hoummos was quite bland. Also ordered
fool mudammas ... good. Some of the bread was
fresh/warm from the oven; some, not. Would
have like to see 5 grape leaves on the plate
for our party of five.

The server was a teenie bit aggressive in
trying to get us to order entrees. Had to wave
her off several times when she interrupted.

Entrees were competent, but the flavors were
muted when compared to what is typically served
in Dearborn and W. Bloomfield.

Will I return? No. The food was not worth the
trip from W. Bloomfield. If I lived in the
area, maybe.

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  1. I've been there once a few years back and wasn't all that impressed myself. It wasn't *bad*, but I haven't been back since, and that probably says it all right there.

    1. I forgot to mention the desserts ...

      Baked apricots; excellent
      Apricot pudding; very good
      Raspberry cake; will not repeat.

      1. I used to love this place, when it really was a backroom-this restaurant's original location on Kelly road near eight mile.

        But, after years of going there, my husband and I started to get 'snubbed' by the owner. I still do not know why, or what we did. We stooped going to the smaller location.

        Years later, we tried the Jefferson location. Same coldness. Haven't gone back yet.

        i only bring this up because this is the only place, in my 54 years, I've even been treated like this any restaurant.