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Mar 10, 2013 02:36 PM

Right off Interstate 80, Berekely to Reno....(Within a mile or so)

Let's try something and go across CA on I 80. Hound worthy places or good places to stop, not far off the highway.

We all know where the In and Outs are etc but sometimes an exit has a ton of great food.

So list the exit, the exit number in response then if you respond respond under that exit's sub post like below)

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  1. Madison Avenue, past Sacramento downtown about five miles......Exit 96.

    To the west is Brookfields. Before Hillsdale Avenue behind the motel. Excellent coffee shop type food. really good but a price point above Denny's. I love that they have pepper grinders at every table. the specials are MONEY......

    Right on Madison Avenue between Auburn and Blvd and Palm ave on the north side in a teeny strip mall...To the east is Weiner Works. Best dogs around. IMO best dog in California. Great bread, guldens mustard and the fries are killer diller. Be sure to order the tiny if alone, or you will be buried in French fries. Also one of the better hamburgers
    you can find as well but the dogs are so damn good it is hard to order a burger there.

    Off Madison North on College Oak is Tony Baloneys. Great sandwhiches if a bit over priced (Okay more than a bit over priced) BUT< I love em. the Meatball sand is amazing and most people LOVE the pepper steak. the ham and Swiss is phenomenal as well. His minestrone soup is excellent and his salad dressing are great too (he has them in Raley's too)

    1. Riverside Exit, Roseville CA, exit number 102. South si Auburn blvd and North is Riverside) To the Right (south on Auburn)is Callifornia Burger. Excellent slow fast food type place. LOVE THE BURGERS.

      And up by the KMART is 7 Sisters Italian, Family style pizza, Italian place. FAMILY. Lots of gluten free stuff too......

      Going North to Riverside Blvd about a mile is Carmelitia's Mexican. I love the chicken dishes. Love the place and the family that runs it.

      Almost across the street is the Roseville Tortilla factory. Best torts anywhere. Sewriously amazing tortillas. And great cheap tamales and other delishus dishus. I am a regular.

      1. The Squeeze Inn. Great CHEESE burgers

        1350 Harbor Blvd
        West Sacramento CA 95691

        (916) 371-6779

        Monday thru Saturday …….. 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
        Sundays and Major Holidays…………………….Closed

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        1. Good idea for a topic! I suggest that you change the scope and title (you can edit within a two-hour time window) to start in Dixon, CA rather than Berkeley. The stretch of I-80 from Berkeley to the eastern boundary of Dixon is already covered on the SF Bay Area board and off-topic for this one. It's the area from Dixon eastward to Reno that needs more discussion. The SF Bay Area towns are already well-documented by the locals who live there and best know the territory.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Well I thought about that but, that would make it so that a lot of my responses would be on that board and not this one. I also think that a comprehensive list for that route, which is the most traveled would be an amazing resource and that is why I went to Reno. One thread covering it all..... I might have sub threaded differently maybe with every 30 mile segements but that is too much work on a dead board.

            1. re: bennyboy1

              Yes, absolutely have it go to Reno.

              A related *ancient* topic,
              Diners along Route 40: Davis to Reno

              P.S. Interstate 80 starts in San Francisco, not Berkeley.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Yeah that I thought I would leave the City proper to that board. Seeing how almost every place in SF is within a mile of a freeway.....(pf course that is the longest mile in history) And most people when driving thru are not looking for a decent place to eat while driving Start in Berk and go to reno.

                So funny that link of your is you and me talking.. I live right on old US 40 now too. Since that thread I have actually paid some attention to that route lately and there are some good stops on there now, but not but a couple of diners.

          2. Didn't see your name on this thread:

            About a half mile west of 80 on Arden Way

            Chando’s – mulitas, tacos de rajas
            863 Arden Way Sacramento, CA