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Mar 10, 2013 12:41 PM

Breakfast and Lunch In Mansfield

A group of us will be in Mansfield Ma. for a convention in May. Our dinner is included and we will probably do one lunch at Patriot Place, but I am looking for recommendations for good breakfast places for at least one of the mornings as well as a good lunch place. Prefer locally owned businesses to chains. a bonus..what is there to do in the area for recreation in the event we have a couple of free hours.

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  1. Mansfield Deli is a great TAKE OUT spot for lunch. They have numerous great sandwiches and prepared foods.

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      Thanks! I am definitely going to add it to the list :-)

    2. It's been a couple of years but we had a wonderful breakfast at Cafe on the Common. Its right on the main drag-main st? north maint st?

      I had cranberry pancakes that we really good, fluffy and tart. My husband had a heart attack on plate-basically potato skins stuffed with corn beef hash and topped with cheese and eggs. He was in heaven. Our son had scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon and toast. He said the eggs were "too buttery" but that was the only complaint.

      I admit to having food envy of table next of us-they both got eggs bennie but they were served over crab cake. I couldn't help overhearing them swooning.

      We didn't eat lunch there but when were leaving town later that day, around 1:00ish the place still looked pretty crowded.

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        I had breakfast / lunch at Cafe on the Common a couple of months ago, and I thought it was pretty below-average, plus the bathrooms were a disgrace. I was sorry afterward I didn't push my group toward Sharon and its Sichuan Gourmet instead.

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          Ugh! thats too bad. This was spring of 2011 when we went. My son sees a specialist once or twice a year so thats the only time we get to Mansfield. I had been looking forward to going back as we were there in the afternoons the last two times.

          The bathroom issue is one of my biggest red flags. If a place can't keep the places the public can see spotless what does that say about their kitchen and the places the others places we can't see?

      2. Daily Catch is a fave of my inlaws that live nearby.

        As for recreation, its pretty much an ex-urb area - not a ton of options. You could hit the harness racing course in Plainville and make some bets. Providence is fun to explore, but that still 30 minutes away. There are some state forests nearby, good for hiking if you want some fresh air.

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          The fish place is called Fresh Catch, and is good for simple fish dishes and really basic sushi (if you set your expectations at mid-level). There's a sign that says they now do breakfast, but I haven't tried it yet.

          There is also a take-out Italian place called Antonia's with great home-made italian lunch items like chicken parm and lasagna. There are some tables there as well.

          Cafe on the Common is the best I've found for breakfast in the area. It's definitely a greasy spoon type place (nothing gourmet), but they do a good job and are very friendly.

          About 15 minutes up 495 in Wrentham there is a large outlet mall that people love. Commonwealth BBQ is about 2 miles from the mall, and serves very good (getting better over time) takeout BBQ from an old drive-up building.

          About 10 minutes North on 95 there is an outpost of the well known small-chain of Sichuan Gourmet restaurants in Sharon. The food is great there, and they will guide you to the real Sichuan dishes if you ask.

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            Fresh Catch is a good idea. I've been to the Easton location and have been happy with the food, service and prices.
            Flint's farm should be open and is great for ice cream and relaxing on the porch. Off route 106 heading to Easton on the right, I think east street. Ten minutes from fresh catch.
            Poticello in Easton for dinner is a place to check out. It's a local fav

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              Thanks for the recommendations. I just googled Fresh Catch and the menu looks interesting. I really like seafood so I will probably try it and promise not to set my expectations to high. As long as the seafood is fresh and cooked correctly I am willing to give it a shot.

              It sounds like we will have a couple of choices for
              Weather permitting I am hoping to find a couple of nice scenic walks or short hikes for one of my free afternoons.

          2. someone upthread mentioned commonwealth bbq in wrentham. I don't know that it is a good suggestion for Mansfield, but it is close.

            I just finished sharing the pulled pork sandwich and fries and it was pretty darned good, as were the fries. We also like the beans. I have never had stuffed jalapeno peppers like they do them with meat and cheese. A good stop when you're in the hood.

            1. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the suggestions. We just came home from our first weekend event in Mansfield. I knew that for this convention we would not have a whole lot of free time..but for an upcoming May even we have more. Even so..we managed to get away for lunch yesterday and tried Fresh Catch. I had the salmon burger, hubbie had the clams and our friends had a tuna melt and Mahi BLT respectively. Everyone was please with their food and the service was nice. We were there right at the beginning of lunch so everything was nice and clean. It's actually a lot bigger inside than I expected it to be! We also bought some seafood dip to take back to the hotel for later that night. This was a hit as well.