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Mar 10, 2013 12:11 PM

Burlap Del Mar--Not Open, At Least Today

I just called Burlap and nobody answered the phone (voice recording only) and their website states they are open for weekend brunch. I stand by my earlier assertion --which I will not repeat since Chowhound moderators took it down--but they certainly are not open today when they are supposed to be. if they are remodeling, which I do not believe they are, isn't it standard business practice to leave a message (voicemail or website) announcing such as well as the date you expect to reopen?????

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  1. I was there early February on a Sunday for a recital from 11-2. So they were open then at least. I don't recall hearing any phone ringing then. Maybe they are having an event and have silenced the phone?

    1. Sorry it may not be the same burlap. I was at this one

      BURLAP Del Mar 12995 El Camino Real, 92130

      1. Did you actually go by there or just call?

        1. asks on Facebook: "Word on the street is that Enlightened Hospitality Group and Brian Malarkey's Gabardine in Point Loma may be closed down. Reports are that the restaurant has been emptied out! Can anyone confirm??"

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          1. re: foodiechick

            It would be interesting to go back to our CH threads from a couple years ago when word of the Brennan/Malarky match up first hit the streets and see how close we were to predicting what actually happened.

            IIRC we were rather cynical and snide in our lack of confidence in this duo lasting terribly long.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              Yes we were, and after dining at a couple of his places...I still am. IMHO, Gabardine's food took a nosedive the moment they let Chad White out of the building. What a shame.

              1. re: foodiechick

                Green Acre,, is a Malarkey venture.

                Fresh- garden in the courtyard, organic, limited hours (8 a.m. Breakfast and lunch and take home until 6 p.m.), quality food.

                Not a see and be seen place, it's in the middle of the Life Science campus. The concept seems to be more successful without the name recognition factor.

            2. re: foodiechick

              "Can anyone confirm??"

              Burlap: 858-369-5700
              Gabardine: 619-398-9810


              1. re: Stiflers_Mom

                Burlap tweeted about their lunch today, and updated Facebook so probably still around.

                Nothing from Gabardine though.

              2. re: foodiechick

                I went by Gabardine yesterday, after unsuccessfully trying to get them on the phone. Restaurant was emptied, yes, but sign on the door said they were doing renovations 3/12-3/13.
                Woulda been nice if they could have posted this info on the website or even left it on the voicemail. From the sounds of this thread, I guess that's just the way they roll...

                1. re: CampySD

                  It'll be interesting to see if they really reopen tomorrow or not. And if they do what the "remodel" was