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Mar 10, 2013 12:02 PM

Brunch for one

I tend to be a solitary eater and enjoy brunch. However it seems to be a group oriented meal but would like to eat it alone and watch people. Does anyone know of any good places for brunch that would be well suited for one person? I live now in the Metro DC area and would prefer to stay in the area. No more north than Laurel/Gaithersburg, west to McLean, south to Springfield, and east to Annapolis. I also tend to like the buffets (getting to try little bits of a lot) but also like the a la carte menu.

Bonus points if the brunch has a raw bar and Eggs Benedict! Thank you for any suggestions you all have.

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  1. The best brunch item right now is the flammkuchen at Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan. One of the great dishes of DC.

    I detest buffets. I have no interest in eating a wide variety of steamed food, so I can't help you there.

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      Thank you all for your input on the Brunch options. Could I ask if any of these options are close to Metro? I drive, so driving isn't a problem, but sometimes parking is. I really appreciate your help and would love any other suggestions in SE or NE if you have any?

      1. re: MysteryStory

        Closest metro to Mintwood Place is the Woodley Park Metro stop, about a 15 minute walk..

    2. I think the best brunch that meets all your criteria is at the Four Seasons in Georgetown.
      1) a buffet with really high quality (not steamed) fare
      2) fabulous raw bar
      3) no weird stares from fellow diners b/c your alone (i presume other travelers dine alone) - also, you can pick up a complimentary newspaper on your way in.

      it is $75pp (i think), so not cheap, but a fun splurge.

      1. I eat brunch by myself all the time. In my neighborhood I often go to Bar Dupont/Cafe Dupont. It's nothing that is going to blow your mind but it's still pretty good and comfortable. I like the corned beef hash there.

        For higher end (and delicious) I like eating brunch at the bar at Bistro Bis. You could do the same thing at Mintwood Place (which has one of the best brunches in town).

        Personally I don't do buffets---especially a brunch buffet.
        Also Hank's Oyster Bar now has an extended bar and therefore more room. You can get great raw bar items there and a crab cake eggs benedict.