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Mar 10, 2013 11:49 AM

Red Bean Gelato

I have been craving for some quality gelato this week. I've had some good gelato at a food court stand in Grand Central, but I'm looking for a new spot to try. Where in the city is a good place to go to for delicious red bean gelato? I'm open for ice cream recommendations, too!

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  1. No red bean, but whenever I'm in town and need gelato, I go to Grom.

    1. No red bean unfortunately but the salted caramel gelato I got at Eataly was fabulous.

      1. You can get red bean ice cream at Chinatown Ice Cream Shop. It's not gelato, though.

        1. I love this idea. I have no idea where to get it now but in about a week's time the answer to your question is going to be "in my freezer."

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            Following up on this, my first attempt at red bean gelato was a failure. The taste was pretty good but despite the addition of acid and vodka the texture was that of cold red bean paste. I'm going to try again, this time removing the beans' skins rather than beating them into the puree and adding some gelatin. Any other ideas for turning beans into a sliky gelato?

          2. Red Bean is listed among the many flavors available at il Laboratorio del Gelato. If I remember correctly, you can order any flavor they make, with a reasonable minimum quantity for a consumer (as opposed to a restaurant).