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Mar 10, 2013 11:26 AM

A staid restaurant in San Francisco.

"Staid" is how my mother refers to the Hayes Street Grill and Tadich. I'm looking for "staid + vegan-friendly." The requirements are as follows: excellent service (we do not want to learn our server's name), good parking (valet or nearby lot), quiet, excellent food with several dishes for a vegan, wine, nothing remotely hip, reservations accepted.

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  1. Does staid refer to the style of food as well? Because it seems like most "staid" restaurants have very conventional (i.e. not vegan friendly) menus.

    My first thought was Saha, which is "Middle Eastern fusion."

    1. Acquerello, Campton Place, Fleur de Lys, Gary Danko, Keiko a Nob Hill, La Folie, Michael Mina, Quince, Spruce would probably all work.

      The menus may not look vegan-friendly but they could probably accommodate you easily, probably best to call to make sure.

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        I had an excellent vegan meal at MM some years ago, improvised without fuss, but you've headed into a price region Mom will not tolerate.