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Mar 10, 2013 10:39 AM

Vitamix users: is there anything you make with a variable speed unit that could not be done with proper use of the two speed version?

Qvc recently had a special for $400: a combo of the two speed unit and the extra dry grinding container (normally $150 extra)

Now I'm wondering if I should have gotten a variable speed unit instead. Apparently one can grind grains with the regular one if done in smaller batches (1-2 cups) which I wouldn't find problematic since I'm mostly cooking for myself.

All of the recipes in the three included cookbooks had the directions for using two speeds and between them all it didn't appear to have left out any type of foods or techniques.

So I'd like to hear from experienced users of VM if there is anything you'd miss terribly if you had only two speeds to work with.

Any advice you have would be much appreciated.

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  1. I wouldn't buy the two speed model, or any of the programmed models that don't include the variable speed dial. I use the variable speed all the time as it allows you to make perfect adjustments so that the food blends correctly.

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      This is my experience as well. I have had my unit for 20years with no problems. Those things are sturdy with proper use!

      I use the variable speed all the time. Sometimes you just want to purée and the lower speeds will do the job without foaming. I find that creamed soups and more delicate foods get over processed.

      I rarely use my regular blender now, except as an extra out in the bar area at my house. The vitamix stays in the kitchen unless I am crushing a bunch of ice.

    2. I have two speed all stainless steel vitamix from maybe 30 years ago. The sidewinder model. I grind wheat rye etc in it, sift out the larger pieces and grind those again in vitamix. Sift again and grind large pieces in an electric coffee grinder. I could do all my grinding in the kitchen aid coffee-spice mill, it grinds fine and nicely, but it would burn out

      Also grains put in freezer grind up easier. My sifter is a larger kitchen strainer

      1. I make fluid gels with the variable speed settings. Have also been playing around with meat purées and those work better if one starts off slow and slowly increases speed.

        I have some pro chef friends who have the two speed units; doesn't seem to really impede their ability to produce.

        1. I would return it and get the 7500 refurb for $399. They are on the Vitamix site. The gal who runs my group offers it with a 7 year warranty and extras but you pay Vitamix. If you need the dry container though and don't need the fine control what you have would serve you better.

          1. I find the variable speed setting helpful for making salsas or guacamoles. The high speed annihilates them both and you end up with tomato or guacamole soup.

            It's much easier if you have the variable speed and can set it low and pulse it just a few times.