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Quiet restaurant lower Hudson Valley?

Litknitgrit Mar 10, 2013 10:21 AM

My father-in-law has a hard time hearing in noisy restaurants, so I'm looking for good, non-nouvelle food in a relaxed, even a subdued, environment. Anyone?

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  1. MisterBill2 RE: Litknitgrit Mar 10, 2013 07:29 PM

    I was going to recommend the Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville, but the menu might not meet your requirements. It's definitely a quiet environment.

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      weedy RE: Litknitgrit Mar 10, 2013 09:57 PM

      Crabtree Kittle House, Buffet de la Gare, Jardins Du Roi, Mortons, Il Barrilotto

      all good, and relatively low key

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        Elisa515 RE: Litknitgrit Mar 10, 2013 10:39 PM

        Can you give us some geographical parameters for "lower Hudson Valley"? And do you care if it's east or west of the river?

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          DGresh RE: Litknitgrit Mar 11, 2013 09:57 AM

          Don't know if your idea of lower HV is same as mine, but if it is....
          Zephs in peekskill. Valley in Garrison. Tavern in Garrison. Riverview in Cold Spring.

          1. l
            Litknitgrit RE: Litknitgrit Mar 11, 2013 11:02 AM

            Thanks for the recommendations; I am looking for places no more than a half hour's drive from Larchmont, and many of these will be good for that. I'll check them out.

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            1. re: Litknitgrit
              weedy RE: Litknitgrit Mar 11, 2013 10:30 PM

              Yes, Peekskill is too far, but White Plains (Mortons), Chappaqua (Crabtree or Jardin du Roi), and Hastings(Buffet de la Gare) are all about in your target range.

              1. re: weedy
                wincountrygirl RE: weedy Mar 12, 2013 04:18 AM

                I would agree with all but Mortons. It's a chain and imho not very good. For the ride it might be nicer to do a more intimate, less chainy place. My personal favorite is Buffet de la Gare, but I need to try Jardin.

                1. re: wincountrygirl
                  scarsdalesurprise RE: wincountrygirl Mar 12, 2013 06:29 AM

                  I love Buffet de la Gare, but I wouldn't call it relaxed or subdued. It's small and the tables are very close together - on a weekend night I think it would be difficult for a person who is hard of hearing to have a conversation.

                  1. re: scarsdalesurprise
                    wincountrygirl RE: scarsdalesurprise Mar 12, 2013 12:42 PM

                    Actually, you are right. Although I do love Buffet de la Gare, it actually is a bit cramped and can be noisy.

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              paris1976 RE: Litknitgrit Mar 11, 2013 02:19 PM

              Depending when you plan on going, early in the week is usually slow in some restos. So that could work. What type of cuisine were you looking for and pricerange? Also this week and next is restaurant week so alot of places will be busy...aka...loud.

              1. i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream RE: Litknitgrit Mar 11, 2013 04:39 PM

                I think Zephs' would be perfect.

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                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream
                  MisterBill2 RE: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream Mar 11, 2013 07:05 PM

                  Zephs is not a half hour from Larchmont. I still think that Iron Horse Grille in Pleasantville meets their needs.

                  How abut X2O in Yonkers?

                2. p
                  paris1976 RE: Litknitgrit Mar 12, 2013 06:34 AM

                  If we can get a pricerange it would be helpful.Alot of the suggestions are nice and some are on the more pricey side. In Larchmont there are alot of nice places...There's Jackie's Bistro and Burrata in Eastchester. American Bistro in Tuckahoe. Both area 15-20 min from Larchmont... Tons of choices in White Plains also...Also don't forget all restaurants are busy and loud on a weekend night if that was your plan...Good luck!

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                  1. re: paris1976
                    Elisa515 RE: paris1976 Mar 12, 2013 10:30 AM

                    Zeph's, for instance, is busy on weekends and never ever loud. Lovely congenial atmosphere no matter what.

                    I'm sure there are other restaurants like that on this list (I'm just not personally familiar with any of them).

                    1. re: Elisa515
                      i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream RE: Elisa515 Mar 12, 2013 01:10 PM

                      Exactly my thoughts. Unfortunately this NW westchester girl is out of touch with how long it takes SE Westchester people to get places. :) but zephs may be worth the trip given the op's parameters

                    2. re: paris1976
                      MisterBill2 RE: paris1976 Mar 12, 2013 01:31 PM

                      As Elisa515 said, not all restaurants are loud on the weekend. 42 in White Plains might be a reasonable choice, they're pretty quiet, especially if you get one of the tables across from the kitchen window and don't have a loud party near you (as we did when we were there recently, I think they stuck us there because we were using a Groupon). Of course, they are very pricey unless you can get there (and get a reservation) during the next couple of weeks, which is Restaurant Week.

                    3. MisterBill2 RE: Litknitgrit Mar 12, 2013 01:45 PM

                      BTW, I searched in Zagat for quiet in Westchester, and Buffet de la Gare came up near the top of the list. Once you search, quiet conversation is one of the selections you can pick.

                      Also, La Panetiere is mentioned, and they are extremely close to Larchmont. So I'd probably make that my #1 choice unless price is an issue.

                      Here's the link that will get you to the search. You will probably have to login to see the ratings.


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                      1. re: MisterBill2
                        Litknitgrit RE: MisterBill2 Mar 12, 2013 02:26 PM

                        Thank you, I didn't know you could search for quiet. I'll check the link out now..

                        1. re: MisterBill2
                          paris1976 RE: MisterBill2 Mar 12, 2013 02:46 PM

                          Totally forgot about that the lists!! Sorry about that....So I would guess quiet converstion is all the time then.
                          Sunday is usually good to go.

                          1. re: MisterBill2
                            wincountrygirl RE: MisterBill2 Mar 13, 2013 03:46 AM

                            Nice one, thanks MisterBill!

                          2. l
                            Litknitgrit RE: Litknitgrit Mar 12, 2013 02:23 PM

                            I appreciate the tips on places to try. We go out most Sunday nights, unless I cook, so I'll have plenty of chances to try each suggestion. He's over ninety and set in his ways, so it's tough to find food that he likes: usually, French or Italian or German is okay, and it can be pricy but not ridiculously expensive. But the noise level is the real killer. It's hard for him to feel left out of the conversation.

                            1. d
                              DGresh RE: Litknitgrit Mar 13, 2013 05:50 AM

                              You should probably also post on the Southern New England board (which would include Fairfield County CT). You're not far from there, right?

                              1. w
                                Westjanie RE: Litknitgrit Mar 13, 2013 06:15 AM

                                Halstead Ave Bistro in Harrison is very handy, and their noise level is always low -- but quality usually high.

                                1. p
                                  pabboy RE: Litknitgrit Mar 13, 2013 06:38 AM

                                  Meritage in Scarsdale

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