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ideas for vegan passover without lentils?

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lots of quinoa and mushrooms and onions
someone from the local Va'ad cautioned me against mushrooms that might be grown in chametz

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  1. oops! i moved and licsl Va'ad is not the San Diego one

    1. You may want to try using the regular recipes in the books by either Dr.Joel Fuhrman (http://www.drfuhrman.com) or Dr. Neal Barnard (http://nealbarnard.org/). You could substitute quinoa for grains and just avoid the legume recipes (if you don't eat kitnyiot).

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        Try grindibg nuts and making a mock meat loaf. I sautee onions, carrots, celery, whatever I have, mixing with ground nuts, mushrooms, a mashed potato, seasonings and a bit of matza meal or other crumbs for binding. Bake in a loaf pan or any pan of choice with a slathering of ketchup or tomto sauce if you prefer. I make this year round, too.

      2. This year I have seen Passover "Israeli Couscous" (under the O-U) by Pereg and I think another company makes it too.

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          What is it made of? Potato starch?

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            I don't have the box here, but it mentioned something about being made in less than 18 minutes, so perhaps it has some kind of flour?

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              If it's the Savion, then what the label says is "Made with 18 minute matzoh meal":


          2. What about cashew/almond recipes? Check out raw recipes - many are passover friendly.