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Mar 10, 2013 10:18 AM

Mulholland Grill

We've been going for years. This week, they stopped answering the phone and appear to be closed for good. Does anyone know what happened?

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  1. I was told by the bar tender at Vibrato, that a new Drago concept with a full bar is going in. I assume the long time Italian place (Faborchini???) is not too happy.

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    1. re: Thor123

      Another Drago? They're nice people, but it's getting to be over the top.

      1. re: Citron58

        I may be wrong. Last night the manager of the Chineese place at the Glen said the new place has same owner as Mullholland Grill. We shall see. Interesting there is also a new place there that looks to do very nice breakfast, lunch that can't be good for Glen Deli. Interesting that they would set up this kind of competition in the Center.

    2. Well, there has been no application for transfer of the liquor license, but the owner, Agostino Coppola, just lost a bundle when he opened Osteria Coppola in Sherman Oaks at the La Reina center in the former Pomodoro(among others) space.
      Maybe no money left?
      But with that last name, in a center owned by Herb Alpert, I cannot imagine there isn't more to the discussion than has been mentioned here.
      As to the breakfast/lunch place recently opened, it is kin to charlie's pantry in Studio City.

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      1. re: carter

        Does Herb Albert own the Center or just part of Vibrato?